bleach blonde + giveaway

hello chicas!!  who else is so excited for friday??  i am letting my hair down (quite literally) for tonight's post to chat a lil bit about these tresses o' mine.


Annnnd just like that we're only 10 days away from Christmas.  Ummmm, good thing I haven't started shopping yet. :/. No rush, I tend to be good in the clutch.  I have, of course, done plenty of shopping for myself.  I mean, it is the holidays after all and a girl needs options.  Sparkle skirt for this party, chunky sweater for the ornament exchange, somethin snazzy for New Years, yea, I've checked all of those items off my list.  And I actually checked them all off at SHOP which seems appropriate since that is where I'm shopping in today's post!


happiest of sunday evening's babes!!  so sorry for the long delay in postings, i have been fighting off something fierce for the last 2 weeks and this week it really got the best of me.  fingers crossed i'm on the mend, because we are headed to the burgh on wednesday and i am so looking forward to snow angels and skating in ppg plaza and eating all the primantis and all the million other things i love to do when we go home.

1 dress already sitting pretty in the pack pile, is this little mustard velvet number!!  


happy sunday friends!!  this look is one of my absolute favorites and one that i recreate over and over all year round.  yes, i wear leather in the summer, it's perfectly normal, but a little bit easier in the less sticky months.  sweaters are also a year round staple for me, but especially when they come in the ever so versatile sleeveless style.  this one is perfect!!!  it's light and soft and easy to layer and so very stylish.  i have been blessed with a little extra in the tush, so i almost always opt for sweaters with some form of a slit.


mock turtles and mini skirts FTW, am i right??  actually, i wore a tank top and mom jeans today, but if i hadn't been running around target with munchkins, i would've totally worn this outfit today, because it was beautiful outside!!!  and i have a fresh spray tan and i live for any excuse to wear a turtleneck, because i'm obsessed with this little faux bob effect that it has on my hair :))  and this blush pink is probably my all time favorite color, because, yes, i am a girl at heart.


oh hello there cyber monday!!!  so, yes i know, this is one of the very few times that we welcome monday with open arms, but honestly, aren't we all shopped out yet??  i feel like i've been on a shopping marathon since wednesday, and i just don't know if i have it in me to go another round.  so instead of flooding you with all the best sales, which, honestly, i'm sure you can figure out for yourselves, i'm going to bring you some good ole fashion style and lucky for you, IT IS cyber monday so its all on sale!!


ok ok, today's the day!!! it's officially ok to blast the christmas tunes and start putting presents under the tree and drink eggnog until your hearts content!!! oh yea, and then there's the matter of black friday!! which i know is why you're all here anyway, so here we go! i've rounded up the best sales below from the brands and stores i actually shop! i am currently shopping these sites myself, so i will update this post with anything super cute i may find!!! and be sure to stop by tomorrow for the best of small biz saturday! gotta support the local makers and shakers, right?!! happy shopping babes!!!


happy thanksgiving babes!!!!  i hope you're all knuckles deep in turkey and pumpkin pie by now!  we are officially starting the never ending feast at noon and i am sure to be stuffing my face until the new year!!  holiday desserts are the best thing ever!!!!!!!!  so, speaking of holidays, i know tomorrow is kindof a big one for all my shopping comrades, so check back tonight around midnight when i post everything i will be shopping for tomorrow!!  and if you can't wait til then, you can shop this romper (and everything else at TOBI) for 50% off!!


work werk blah blah work.  ugh, the word itself is depressing.  much like "monday"  but at least it's gonna be a super short work week and then we can all stuff our faces until the new year!!  but for today, i'm sad to say, it's back to work and i'm hoping to bring you a little monday office inspiration!


we made it!  it's friday!!!!  you guys, i probably say this every week, but this has been one heck of a week.  and we leave for birmingham tomorrow and SHOCKER!  i haven't even finished laundry much less started to pack.


you guys .. . . . . remember this dress from my ig story??  well, i'm finally getting around to posting it, and all i can say to you is, ya gonna want this dress ASAP!!!!!


if this pink wall isn't putting a smile on your monday face, than i don't know what will!  and if not, just know that there are only like 2 more hours until its officially tuesday, so, that's good right??  is monday not just like the dirtiest curse word in the english language??  i used to be that freak that loved monday, but now that i have 2 kids in school and i'm forced to leave my warm bed at ungodly hours of the morning, i'm not such a fan of this whole monday thing.  anyway, let's think happy almost friday thoughts . . . . . tonight marks my final monochrome collab with Taxidermy and i feel like i definitely saved the best for last!!!


surely that smile has nothing to do with the fact that tomorrow is Monday.  more so to do with the fact that this election is behind us, thanksgiving is a week away, and the radio has started playing all Christmas all the time!!!!  oh and NBD, but, the red cup is BACK!!!!!  y'all know i drove all the way to charleston just to snag one, and then i stole my gf's as well and i went back again yesterday, so i totally plan on collecting them all.  don't judge me, this is total normal basic white girl behavior!

armani armani armani

happy friday babes!!!!  i'm taking a quick break from all things taxidermy to bring you a little night on the town inspiration!!!!  y'all know i'm a no fuss makeup kinda gal.  sunglasses usually cover half of my face anyways, but i do (occasionally) go for the full blown glam treatment.  especially for a night out, because, even though i try, sunglasses are not exactly socially acceptable indoors after 8pm (go figure).  my fave makeup spot (truly the only one i go to) in Charleston is Cos Bar.  they carry all the best lines and every artist is super informative, plus their playlist is always on point.  you may remember my first in store experience last year.


it is with a heavy heart that i type this post today.  on one hand, i am thrilled to have this election behind us, but on the other, i am saddened by the intolerance of so many of my friends and family.  i think that regardless of the outcome, and whether your candidate won or lost, we need to band together as a nation.  i am proud to be an American and while we don't always have to agree with our leader, we need to stand behind him, UNITED!!  i feel like i have so much to say on the topic, but surely my opinions differ than so many of yours and i hate to have them fall on deaf ears, so let us all just agree to love and respect each other, mmkay??


oops!!  totally forgot to hit publish yesterday, but hey, hello weekend!!!!  i'm twirling my way into friday (er saturday), feelin so extra happy after an awesome night out with the hubs to celebrate my favorite lady on the grand opening of her new pop up shop!!!  Taxidermy has officially taken over Charleston and i could not be more excited because i can now stop by any time and hang out with all the pretty python handbags!!!  and the natural lighting is insane, so its the perfect mirror selfie store (priorities you guys ;))


happy tuesday party people!!!  ok i know, tuesdays isn't exactly a day to celebrate, but i'm already in full blown celebration mode, because the Taxidermy POP-UP shop has landed and the party kicks off this Thursday!!!


i'm currently drowning in laundry and snotty noses, so it's gonna be a quick post today guys!  
black has quickly become my every day all day.  i used to really steer away from it, but i'm not sure why, because it is quite possibly the most chic color in all existence!!  and there's no way you can go wrong with an all black ensemble.


happy hump day babes!!  i am so excited to be back with Vera Bradley and People Style Watch to showcase why it is just so good to be a girl!!  honestly, what can't we do??  women are strong and sensitive.  we have the ability to create life.  we rule the boardroom and rock the runway and run the world.  we are girls!!  aside from that unwanted visitor that pops in every month or so, i'm pretty sure there's a million reasons why it's good to be a girl, so upload your image HERE share your story with the hashtag #itsgoodtobeagirl 


wahhh, my last and final fashion week inspired post with Metisu and it's totally leaving me craving for more!!  can every week be NYFW??  but like seriously, can it??


happy saturday friends!!!  i know i know, weekend posts are not really my thing, but this week has been a bit of a mess with the kids being home and i forgot how hard it was to concentrate on a single thought with 3 munchkins screaming at me and demanding attention all day.  it's honestly exhausting.  to all the teachers out there, God Bless you!!!  i don't think i could do it.  but i sincerely appreciate that you do, because i have really started to enjoy that few hours of silence and sanity!  they're currently high on the drug that is disney channel, giving just enough time to shower and shave and finish this post!  

today is "fashion week" inspired look number 2 with METISU!!  sporty chic is a HUGE trend this year and i am in love with these three quarter baseball sleeves.


hey guys!!!  in case you hadn't noticed, fashion month just wrapped and my feed was flooded with street style posts and runway looks and a million perfectly foamed lattes and all i was feeling was major fomo because i wasn't right there alongside all my favorite fashion babes with a front row seat to the chaos.  so even though i didn't get to jet to paris and nyc and milan, i brought fashion month to me and hit up the uber chic streets of charleston to strut some fashion week looks with Metisu.


i don't know if y'all know this about me, but olive might just be my favorite neutral ever.  i have a few items that i buy repeatedly (denim jackets, leather pants, band tees, anything with laces) and olive!!  or really, utilitarian, which can technically come in more shades than just olive, but there's just something about that green army inspired style that gets me every time.  this silk dress version has me feeling all kinds of fall vibes and the best part about a shirt dress is the fact that the options are endless!!

baby blue

happy wednesday guys!!!  i hope you are all safe and evacuated to somewhere dry for the duration of this little hurricane heading our way!  we are planning on bunkering down in the boro and i've already stocked the house with all the snacks and coffee and candy a gal could possibly need.  i mean, there's water and batteries too don't worry.  i might've even grabbed a can good or 2 just in case i run out of m&m's.  so anyway, let's think dryer thoughts and take it back a few weeks.  i actually wore this outfit to dinner with the hubby to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary!!  yes you guys, i am really that old, but please by all means act shocked, kay??  we skipped the fuss and went for tacos because, i can never turn down mexican.  luckily, my photographer is AMAZING!!!!  and he met me outside to snap a few shots of my #ootn.  so here we have it, this adorable off the shoulder top that i'm borderline obsessed with and even the hubs approved, which let me tell you, NEVER happens!!


it's literally been so long, i think i forgot how to even start one of these things . . . . . but here goes nothing!!!  i took a small little hiatus due to some random/unexpected health issues, but finally and thankfully!!  i am officially on the mend!!!!  this whole thirties thing is seriously overrated.  i have been exercising regularly, eating healthy and i even did a 3 day juice cleanse, but clearly my body was less than thrilled and would prefer me to stay in energy saver mode and live on that coffee and sugar diet that has served me so well thus far.  so, for now, i'm taking it easy and plan to start easing back in to my "healthy" routine next week.  i have definitely missed my morning walk.  the hour of silence really helps me maintain some level of sanity throughout the day.  so anyway, nbd, i'm good, and i'm over all the woe is me bs, so let's get back to what i'm good at, superficial, vain, fashion!!!!

off duty

happy tuesday lovers!!  the weather is finally cooling down . . . . . to like the low 90's (insert unenthused smirk here).  ok, so it's not really cooling down, and if you look close, you can totally see all the beads of sweat rolling down my face, but i have been forcing myself to think freezing thoughts, because i am so ready for layer weather!!!!  i am totally that weird girl that wears jeans year round, and i always love at least 1 layer, but charleston doesn't usually agree with my fashion philosophies, so sometimes you just have to beat to your own temperature drum.  and if that doesn't work, pray for a strong breeze. :) 


hey guys!!!  tonight i'm sharing my fool-proof mommy uniform with Old Navy!!  best part, head to toe is all under $150!!!!  booties and bag included!!  that right there is reason number 1 that i love to shop here.  reason number 2 is because i always find great stuff for the whole family!!

it's good to be a girl

happy happy sunday babes!!  i have spent a better part of my weekend stalking instagram to check out all the street style looks from fashion week and the fomo is real you guys!!!  i don't know what i feel like i'm missing out on more, the runway shows or the cooler temps.  truthfully, any excuse to layer on the fashion and snap a zillion photos sounds amazing to me!!  i will definitely be shooting some #NYFW inspired looks this week so be on the lookout for those, and in the meantime, lets chat the ultimate fall maxi, why everyone needs a backpack and how it is just so "good to be a girl"!!


happy friday babes!!  ok, i know sorry, i've been a tad absent all week, but the 4 day weekend really messed up my productivity.  today is actually J and I's 10th wedding anniversary, what?!!!!  before you ask, NO!  i am not that old, i was just really really young when we got married.  like 12.  well, the digits are right, but maybe not in that order.  so anyway, today's post is gonna be short and sweet (quite literally).


soooo, you know how i love denim, right???  today is all about these True Religion skinnies, and i'm breaking down my must have denim pieces to complete every closet.

what's new wednesday

happy wednesday babes!!!  i'm kicking off a new series tonight on the blog all about; you guessed it; what's new?!!!  fun new items hit my doorstep on a regular basis and since my blog is mainly fashion focused, they don't always make it up.  i try my best to snap or ig story the things i'm loving, and what i use on a regular basis, but there's no real way to link those up for you, so here you have it!!  everything new on my desk, all in one place!!  some of it, i order for myself, some of it is gifts, some are for blog collaborations, meaning, a full review is on it's way.  scroll down for all the items, 1 by 1.  what i love, what i'm wearing, and what i'm eh, not so enthused with.  hope you guys enjoy!!!  and please let me know in the comments what you think!!

cold shoulder

from black to red, i'm still dreaming about that night on the town!!  i swear you guys, i have gone from the girl who never wears dresses, to the girl who can't get enough!!


i know i'm a little too gussied up for a monday, but i'm already dreaming of the weekend, what about y'all??  any excuse to pull out an LBD and strappy stilettos works for me!!


happy friday!!!!  i am off for a lil GNO with all my best gals and i mean, i don't even know if i can think of the last time i went out and did something that wasn't work and/or kid related.  i am so thrilled i can't stand it!!  what are you guys up to tonight??
so, i'm back again with another adorable number from THML!!  you guys, i have so fallen in love with this brand.  everything is embroidered and beautiful and so very perfect for running around with the kids!!


hey guys!!!!  if you follow my ig story, you've already seen this dress a time or 2 or 3, so clearly i really love it and i finally got the chance to shoot it and show it off in all its glory!!  much like the black maxi from a few weeks ago, the detail on this number is so on point it's ridiculous!!  i gotta hand it to the girl, Hunter Bell seriously pays attention to every single inch of her designs.  the fit of this dress is so easy and breezy and effortless with that bohemian edge and definitely flattering for all figures, so stay tuned because she will be re-cutting it in the spring!!!  i will definitely keep you posted, don't worry!!  i paired it with my new stone stack from Sisco + Berluti and this time i customized my own to add some fun pops of color.  (remember the shades of grey stack from the winter??)  


hey babes!!!  we made it through monday, ugh, and it's finally tuesday!!!  i actually had one of the most productive monday's ever yesterday and got a ton of chores done around the house, the laundry is folded and put away, the grocery shopping is done and we even had time for an afternoon playdate!!  i really need to make more time for those because the boys have so much fun!!  and i totally don't mind commiserating with another mom who gets the toddler struggle!!  maverick has prematurely entered the terrible ones and whoa does that kid have a temper!!  we call him linc 2.0.  and maybe i don't talk about the kids that much, but if you follow my snaps or ig stories, you know just how bad he can be, but mavie is totally gonna give him a run for his money.  so needless to say, this momma is exhausted!!!  nobody really prepares you for the wrath of a toddler, do they?  no, i don't think i ever read about mommy abuse in the baby books.  at least they're pretty (hehehe)  ok ok, i'm sure you don't care to hear the many tales of my 3 bad monkees.  i'll save the good ones for their girlfriends when they get older ;)


happy saturday lovebugs!!!  how was everyone's week??  school started back this week, but it still feels like summer, so i'm feeling caught in that, i wanna wear fall but it's freaking a zillion degrees outside fashion dilemma.  the easiest fix i've found is swapping my sandals for booties and popping in some fallish tones like this mustard, which i think you know by now is going to be my "it" color of the season!!


hey babes!!  i'm excited to be back with Banana Republic and much like last time, it's all about the many ways you make your wardrobe work for you!!  ok, so i think we know i'm not exactly the typical "working woman" and by that i just mean, i don't have a desk job or professional meetings to attend.  most of my work is done from home or occasionally a coffee shop and most of the time (today included) i'm still in my pajamas.  that said, i give props to the women that get up and get dressed and manage to look cute in an office environment, because, that wardrobe tends to be boring an basic and definitely not something that would have me all that excited.  luckily, BR is here to save you from the mundane and up the anti in the work-wear department!!  and seriously, thank you Jesus!!!  so for all you working women out there, this one's for you!!!

brit wit

hey hey!!!  i'm back today with a double dose of British fashion from Oasis!!  so, even though it's actually Thursday, both looks are Sunday inspired and perfect for summer!


you guys, im blushing!!!!  ok ok, not really me, but this wall and my shoes and my pout, they are all totally blushing!!!!  and, i mean, who doesn't love a little blush pink, am i right??  i'm really excited this color is making a comeback, because it is most definitely one of my favorite all time colors.  and, if you haven't already noticed by my instafeed, im kindof in this ballerina mindset at the moment.  this Hunter Bell dress right here is totally feeding my delicate and dainty obsession!!


i barely made it, but i'm here!!!  today felt like the longest day and i finally got 2 of my 3 to sleep, so i'm bribing the last one with popcorn and cartoons until mommy finishes her work.  it's amazing how little it takes to entertain a 3 year old.  everyone has been sick all weekend and i'm not exactly up to par just yet, so bare with me if i stop making sense.

cool color

it's friday!!  who's hittin the town??  it is the final night of VBS, so i will be hangin with the boys tonight, but last friday was a totally different story.  i was kids free (that literally never happens), i was glammed up, and i was painting the town black!!!  this seriously chic jumper arrived just in time from Few Moda and i could not wait to show it off.  i could've run around in it all night, and then wore it to bed, it is so insanely comfortable!!


quick post today guys, just wanted to hit you up with a little outfit inspo and a great big giveaway!!!


what it is people!!!  oh yes yes yes, it is friday!!!!!!!  (i'm totally singing this, don't you worry)  so.  friday makes me so very very happy, much like every other human being on the face of this earth.  it's basically the happiest day of the week.  and even though it's a zillion degrees, i keep jumping back and forth from summer to fall because i'm in the mood for layers and neutrals and everything else that goes along with cool weather clothing.  so, to feed my need, i've been mixing all my seasons together for a weird mashup that i'm totally digging.  this Design History top, i mean, so fun right??


look at the stars, look how they shine for you . . . . . am i the only one that can't stop singing that song at the sight of something yellow??  so good, right?  ok, so, for a girl who's never really worn much yellow in her lifetime, i think it has officially become my new favorite color.  what is this, the third bright yellow outfit i've worn in the last couple weeks??  and, i've already started stocking up on mustard items for the fall, so i think its safe to say you're going to be seeing a lot more yellow.  what do you guys think the hot colors are gonna be this year??


what's up babes, how was your day??  did any of you shop the #Nsale and score some goodies??  does anyone want to explain to me why everyone can't shut up about this anniversary sale??  i feel like i'm the only person on the planet who could literally care less.  maybe that's just me.  ok, whatever, let's move on.  if you follow me on snap, you may remember the Jewels of Mumbai trunk show at Celadon.  or actually, you probably remember the day before when my kids went nuts and ran all over the store and then we got stuck in 2 and half hour traffic and i did a little Q&A which was maybe somewhat informative.  if you are reading this thinking "what the heck is she talking about" well, you should just probably start following me on snapchat cuz it's where all the real life bs goes down.  (username: misstarabelle)


monday funday!!!  ok, not really, but hopefully this bright fun ray of sunshine yellow can brighten your mood, and if not, just not that you're only a few hours shy of tuesday!!  and if that still isn't doin it for ya, well, there's a pretty sweet giveaway happening at the bottom of this post, so scroll and down and take full advantage!!  so, today (or tonight, really) i wanted to chat about making your wardrobe work for you.  as women, we are constantly in need of different outfits for different occasions and it can really be exhausting not to mention expensive, which is why i do my best to shop my own closet.  case and point, this cocktail dress!!

black n blue

literally, we are moments from FRIDAY!!!!!  we are headed to the beach for the weekend and i could not be more excited which is why i couldn't sleep and decided to get a head start on tomorrow's post.  if you want in on the fun, be sure to follow my snap for all the shenanigans! (username: misstarabelle)  and if you're already following me on snap, you got a lil sneak at this look last week during Social Media Day!!  i know, i know, who knew that was a thing, right??  i went to this conference-ish type thing that was basically a bunch of businesses and influencers and there was food and socializing and i guess exactly what you would assume would happen on a day dedicated to social media.  i hosted an event later that night, so i wanted to be more comfortable/casual but still chic, which in my mind just means, wear heels.  truly any outfit can instantly become a winner with a great pair of strappy stilettos, and red will forever be a favorite of mine!  i linked all the items below, including the focal point of this entire ensemble, dunt da da dah!!  my new baby, the Henri Bendel biggest most beautiful black bucket bag that i ever did see!!  this bag, omg, i don't even know where to begin.

cold shoulder

hello!!!  ok, sorry, i totally took that long weekend a bit to seriously and had myself a lil blogging vacay, but i'm back and not only is today's look super cute (and affordable) but i've also teamed up with a super team of bloggers for my best giveaway yet!!  oh, and, i'm doing a little takeover on instagram, so you should totally check that out as well!!  nothing like jam packing all the good stuff in to one day, right??


happy friday lovies!!!!  i know everyone is getting excited for the long weekend and i wanted to kick it off with a little patriotic inspiration!!!!  it's all about the blouse with this look and it's hitting on my favorite trend of the moment: the off-the-shoulder top!!  the puffy sleeves add that extra element that your average ots is lacking and best of all is price tag!!!!