good morning!!!  we are just 3 outfits away from wrapping fashion week and i'm kinda sad about it!  was that really already a month ago??  i need to live in a world where it's fashion week every week, because it's just so much fun!!

livin la dolce vita

what's up babes?!  i hope you're having an uber fun week, and if you're not, NBD cuz it's almost the weekend!!!  i have been not so productive on the home front, but i'm seriously trying!  the boys are in this "terrorize everything" phase and i feel like no matter what i do, the house is always a total wreck.  it's mucho annoying.  but, luckily, the warmer temps are here which means, more time in the yard, less time cooped up in the house setting off bombs.  my currently un-showered self, is donning a mickey mouse t-shirt and waist deep in fruit loops, but let's take it back to a more fabulous look at Charleston Fashion Week.

white stripes

All white and it really feels so right, let me tell ya!!  i threw this look together in a matter of seconds with the help of my new friends at Sapphire Boutique!!  ok, clothing aside, i have a total girl crush on these babes.  they're totally hott and easily some of the sweetest girls in town, and back to the clothes, their store has all the goods!!  and by all the goods, i mean all the goods!!  fresh sets, fashion forward fits and all the aussie brands i love so much.

team taxidermy

a month later . . . . i'm finally back!!  sorry guys, life's been a bit of a mess lately (isn't it always?) and my site is still under construction, but hopefully everything will be on the up and up by the end of the week.  so, for now, just ignore the layout and focus on the fashion!!  that's why you're really here anyway, right?  well i have got a week's worth of amazing outfits to get your spring-spiration in gear!!  Charleston Fashion Week is always something i look forward to and this year was a crazy fun fabulous whirlwind!!