black n blue

literally, we are moments from FRIDAY!!!!!  we are headed to the beach for the weekend and i could not be more excited which is why i couldn't sleep and decided to get a head start on tomorrow's post.  if you want in on the fun, be sure to follow my snap for all the shenanigans! (username: misstarabelle)  and if you're already following me on snap, you got a lil sneak at this look last week during Social Media Day!!  i know, i know, who knew that was a thing, right??  i went to this conference-ish type thing that was basically a bunch of businesses and influencers and there was food and socializing and i guess exactly what you would assume would happen on a day dedicated to social media.  i hosted an event later that night, so i wanted to be more comfortable/casual but still chic, which in my mind just means, wear heels.  truly any outfit can instantly become a winner with a great pair of strappy stilettos, and red will forever be a favorite of mine!  i linked all the items below, including the focal point of this entire ensemble, dunt da da dah!!  my new baby, the Henri Bendel biggest most beautiful black bucket bag that i ever did see!!  this bag, omg, i don't even know where to begin.  it's just so incredibly perfect and can you believe that i didn't have a black bag until now??  how is that even possible?  but now that i do, i'm never looking back and i'm carrying this kid with me everywhere!!!  i have kind of become somewhat of a bag lady, because, this one goes with me no matter what and then if i just so happen to want to carry another bag, i just bring it along too.  i can fit diapers, wipes, my camera, my calendar, snacks, drinks, you name it, i probably have it stuffed in this bag.  its perfection!!  and it's finally available today!!!  plus, like 20 other new styles that i'm also ogling, but this one is by far my fave!! i mean, that sky blue lining??  i can't.  happy happy weekend babes!!!


Henri Bendel southstreet drawstring bag c/o

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