leather and luxe

 happy new years eve!!  so while red and green may not be my thing, leather and luxe is definitely something i know a thing or 2 about.  much like my wardrobe, my home also falls prey to my obsession with leather and fur and fringe and a little leopard where i can squeeze it in, so today, i'm teaming up with Ro Sham Beaux to show you how fashion translates in to design.  think about it.  what do you love to wear?  bold splashes of color?  flowing silk frocks?  i bet your home is similarly decorated, no?  i love rich colors and masculine details and wood and suede and gold and random vintage finds and the occasional pop of wow.  so, for my first look i styled this stunning suede, burnt orange dress with navy suede pumps and a wood clutch.  playing off the jewel tones, i made myself at home in this mustard leather chair with matching grommet detail to my dress and coordinated pillow to my shoes.  not to take away from black, because i do love black, as you will see with my next look, but navy is a strong contender.  in both fashion and design, i love a good pop of navy.  in my furnishings, in my accessories and most definitely in my shoes!!  and ps, much like brown and black, black and navy make a beautiful pair as well!

 for my second look it's really all about that marble marble marble.  i don't care who you are or what your tastes might be, you gotta love some marble, right??  while i wish i could have a home filled with floor to ceiling marble, i didn't marry the heir to the throne, so i'll just stick with a block or 2 where i can get it.  this look is a classic mix of basics with attention to fabric and detail.  and the color scheme is that of our master bedroom.  i always love black and white in the boudoir.  i styled these speckled leggings with a jersey knit tee, suede moto jacket and seed tassel necklace.  it's my version of fancy pajamas.  i'm obsessed with this little setup and the lamps kind of need to come home with me, but what really makes this black and white room pop is that amazing piece of art.  it adds the perfect splash of color while still keeping the room chic and sophisticated.
my final look is a little sexy.  or a lot of sexy, but homes can be sexy, right??  case and point, this ridiculously stunning amber chandelier.  these beauties are what Ro Sham Beaux is known for.  hand strung, locally made, and most definitely statement worthy, I want one for every room in my home. and maybe a cluster in the entryway. basically if I could just move the entire contents of the store into my house, I'd be set. ugh, wouldn't that be amazing?! for this final look, I mixed sexy with some much needed edge by pairing these chunky booties and black clutch. now, I'll probably be asleep by 9, but if I actually was going out on the town, this would be my pick for what to wear. I hope you guys have an amazing night! see you all in the new year!!


all interiors and clothing c/o Ro Sham Beaux
follow along on instagram and shop online or call to order 843.789.3478

with my little red party dress on

t minus 1 hour until the eve of the most magical day of the entire year!!  on the real, tho; we still don't have a tree, i haven't wrapped a single thing and it's suppose to be in the 80's so i'm really not feeling quote unquote "in the spirit".  fa la lallalallalala what a week/month/year it has been!!!  all you mom's out there who do it all and have it all and show up decked to the nines with bells on and a chip cheerio smile on your face . . . . i salute you!!!  i DO NOT know how you do it!  i work(ish) from home, i only have 1 child in school and it's only pre-school so there's no real home work or extra-curricular activities, i don't exercise or cook and i barely keep a tidy home but somehow, i feel exhausted 99% of the time and i'm always in shambles.  being a grown up is HARD!  ok, so regardless of my disaster of a home, i love this time of year so very very much!!  and now that i have kids, it brings me even more excitement to see the thrill in their eyes through the holiday season.  the bright lights, the hot chocolate, the presents, just all of it!!!  and the parties of course!!  any reason to get dressed up is a reason to get excited.  and yea, i know i've said it a zillion times, im not a dress girl, im not a dress girl, blah blah blah, i'm such a hypocrite, because over the next few weeks im totally going to be spamming you with dresses!!  like a lot, alot alot of dresses.  i don't know how to explain myself, maybe i've turned a corner?  maybe designers have just really been on point when it comes to their dress game?  maybe im just lazy, and dresses are a no-brainer?  whatever the reason, there's some really good stuff coming, i promise you!  and to kick it off, i give you what can only be described as the most christmassy of christmas dresses ever.  well, for me anyways.  because, not only am i NOT a dress girl, i'm also not a RED DRESS girl.  like ever.  i don't know if even own anything red in my entire wardrobe.  i love red.  my nails are always red.  my favorite shoes and accessories are red.  but for whatever reason, wearing red is not something i've ever considered a necessity.  until now that is.  today it is very necessary for me to be wearing this amazingly perfect red dress.  and dancing and twirling in the street.  that also seems very necessary right now.  ok yea, i think i finally found that Christmas spirit i've been missing. Happy Birthday Baby Jesus!!  HALLELUJAH!!!!  i hope you guys all have the most amazing Christmas EVER!!!!!!

BCBGeneration dress c/o Tres Carmen

the swing of things

t-minus 4 days till Christmas and i'm feeling totally ill-prepared, so i'm currently downing my second cup of the morning and frantically writing lists and trying (emphasis on the try) to get my house in order.  annnnnd, it's monday to top things off, so i'm feeling a little out of sorts, but hey guys!!  how was your weekend??  seriously though, can you believe it's almost christmas??  i'm kinda sorta really starting to stress.  ok, enough about that, let's think positive, shall we??  so, amazingly enough, Charleston received a tiny little cold front allowing me to finally dust (hehe) this guy off and give him another whirl about town.  annnd then of course, it rained, ruining my perfectly coiffed hair-do, forcing me to improvise with this mini top-knot.  lol, if you guys only knew how hard i struggle on a daily basis.  i am truly the epitome of a hot mess.  my outfit is pretty basic, and pretty go-to for me.  i pretty much live in some form of leather pants until spring, leggings being my favorite option.  and weather permitting, an over-sized sweater is an easy throw on.  that or a band tee.  y'all know i live for a good graphic.  so since my wardrobe tends to be repetitive, i leave it up to my accessories to make each look all its own.  so today i'm partnering up with HandPicked to bring you a look that is all about the baubles.  mainly this long strand of semi-precious stones known as the "millie".  i am also sporting some stunning silver styles, but my messy hair and cowl-neck kind of cover them up.  no worries, they've been on heavy rotation, so i'm sure i will get you a better shot.  i doubled up this stone stunner to add the perfect statement to my look.  they tie in the tan of my duster and the teal of my tunic as if they were made for each other!  don't you love when that happens??  i hope you guys have a wonderful week!!  and a very Merry Christmas!!
"jewelry has the power to be this one little thing that can make you feel unique"


special thanks to HandPicked for partnering with me on this post! 

black faux leather leggings c/o Impeccable Pig Charleston (call 843-724-8028 to order)
cowl neck tunic sweater c/o Impeccable Pig Charleston 

belle on a budget: top 5 under $25 last minute gifts

good morning babes!!!  it's my last "belle on a budget" before the new year, so we're taking you out on a high note!  this week, i've partnered up with 5 amazing stores to bring you 5 incredible items for your last minute gifting needs and the best part?, they're all under $25!!!!  so, i don't know about you, but i am totally a procrastinator when it comes to Christmas.  or any holiday really.  i'm usually running around like a crazy person the day before trying to grab up everything that i can find.  it's annoying, like i annoy myself, so i started keeping a "gift closet" at the house full of my favorite goodies and any other fun little things i find when im out shopping around.  it has really come in handy, let me tell you.  you know that one uninvited guest or that last minute party you have to go to, you don't have time to run out and find that "perfect gift" and you probably don't know them well enough to know what that gift might be anyways, am i right??  ugh, gifting can be so hard :)  don't worry guys, i feel you.  so, walk in to any of the stores below and you're sure to find just what you're looking for to check everyone off your list.  from cufflinks to moscow mugs and everything in between; no man, woman or child will go giftless.  but my fave gifts to give, and all are currently in my "gift closet" are as follows:

1.  the Moon and Lola pet ornament - coming in at only $22 and one of Oprah's most favorite things, this cutie is sure to win points with all the pet lovers in your life.  and for extra brownie points, you can have it engraved with their pets name!

2.  the Candlefish Library candle - also $22, this is probably my top gift to give to anyone and everyone.  with 100 scents to choose from, you're sure to find at least 1 or more like 10 favorites.

3.  the Noddy adult coloring book - this fun little activity is only $16 and pretty much the coolest/hottest trend in adult toys at the moment.  i was gifted one myself a few months back and its totally addicting.

4.  the 2 Cumberland corkcicle 16oz tumbler - just making the mark at $25 this tumbler keeps your cold drink cold and your hot drinks hot!!  what more could you ask for, right??  as an avid/obsessive coffee drinker myself, this guy is perfect for taking with me everywhere.

5.  Pink Chicken rabbit fur keychain - this cutie patootie is my favorite little furry accessory.  you can find me most everyday sporting one and currently i actually have 2 snapped on my bag.  they're adorable and fun and only $16!!  which is a major fraction compared to the designer versions that can ring in up to $850!!  no, that's not a typo.

if you missed it this morning, you can listen to the podcast with 2 Girls and a Guy on Mix 96 HERE!!  and stay tuned on instagram for your chance to win the whole kit and caboodle!!  (all 5 prizes that is!)  happy holiday shopping you guys!!!


 oh what a day it has been!!  seriously, sometimes crawling back in bed and letting the boys ransac the house seems like an incredible idea.  today was totally one of those days!  sparing you ALL the details, just know there was a 2 hour trip to target where i snapped my pretty fur keychain and lost my favorite sunglasses, followed by another hour at the craft store that included 2 flipped shopping carts and a splattered bottle of green paint.  i just fixed them microwave grits and frozen garlic knots for dinner and put alvin and the chipmunks on replay so mommy could have a time out.  yeah, it was that bad.  somedays i swear it's a miracle i'm not crying in the corner somewhere.  ahhh, the joys of motherhood.  so, needless to say, the older 2 missed out slash wouldn't cooperate with this lil family sesh, but i know i can always count on my mavie poo.  well, at least until he's old enough to be coaxed to the dark side.  it was drizzling rain and past his nap time, but little guy still knows how to pour on the charm.  is he not the cutest?!!  i love it when we're twinsing.  i've partnered up with Famous Footwear to show you a typical "day in the life" and even though the above drama is probably more my daily speed, this day is pretty typical as well.  i bring the mavster with me to all my shoots.  he's such a little trooper.  he's usually just chillin in the stroller being the angel face that he is, so i jump at the chance to include him in the shot!  so, you know this girl loves her kicks, right?  yea, i mean, shoes are kind of a big deal in my closet and sneaks take the cake.  converse are always my go-to for myself and for the boys.  they're simple and classic and most importantly comfortable!  i'm a chick, so i'm used to uncomfortable shoes, but try squeezing a toddlers toes into some shoes "just because they're cute" and see what happens!  not good i tell you, not good!  so for this reason, i've been buying the boys converse since infancy and Famous Footwear always has the best colors and styles so it makes it easy for me to shop for the whole family in 1 stop.  i even snuck away from the sneaker department and scored myself an adorable pair of fringe booties that will be hitting the blog later this week, stay tuned for that.  so for this look, we went a little date night chic; me in my mommy approved LBD and matching leather hi-tops and Maverick in his cardi and blacked out slip-ons.  we were pretty perfectly coordinated if i do say so myself.  for more outfit inspiration; check out the Famous Footwear style gallery HERE and be sure to use the hashtag #ohsofamous for your chance to be featured!  have a great week you guys!!
 "the joys of motherhood are never fully experienced until the children are in bed"


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