lady leon

yesterday was brutal!!
storm leon swung in and froze us in!
nowhere to go, nothing to do, so i took to the street with my trusty tripod and froze my cahoonas off for u lovely dedicated readers . . . . .  your welcome!!!
following in yesterdays footsteps, i'm all about saving dough this week!
 i'm am admittedly uber cheap when it comes to . . . well, everything!
but especially spending money on myself
i live for a bargain!
the thrill of the hunt, the tease of a sale, the sweet victory of scoring designer jeans at pennies on the dollar!!
nothing could be better!
so i thought i would share a few of my tricks to looking chic while being cheap!
tip #1:  shop your own closet!!!
you know you've got some hidden gems in there, its all about reworking them to fit with today's trends!
tip #2:  borrow from the boys
menswear is always chic!  their styles have been the same since the stone-age.  grab an oxford shirt from ur bf, haphazardly tuck it into your skinniest of skinnies, throw on some killer heals and you're done!
tip #3:  get thrifty!
thrift shops are where its at!  you can score amazing pieces for pennies!  scope out their blazers and jackets for the best scores!
tip #4
stick with the basics
u will never regret buying that perfect pair of black pumps or super dark dressy denim
when in doubt, buy items that are versatile and carry you from season to season
tip #5
hello!!  hygiene ladies!!
a good way to ruin even your best of outfits, it to not take care of the basic necessities
clean face, clean hair, clean smell!
nobody looks chic with last nights mascara and knots in their hair
no time??
wash your face, throw on some mascara and lip gloss, pinch your cheeks and put your hair in a pony
"a smile is a woman's best accessory"
tara belle
took my own advice and compiled all 5 tips to create this look
plaid top Forever 21 similar here, boys striped sweater Old Navy similar here, blazer Thrift Shop, nico skinnies Hudson similar wash here, nadine booties ShoeMint, gloves, bag & scarf TJMaxx

trendy no spendy

i came across this article on stylecaster and it struck a cord
i literally feel like i could've written it myself!!
having been a retail girl since the age of 15 its all about workin with what ya got!
you don't need a birkin or the latest celine bag to have style
yes, those things are coveted items of the uber trendy, but trends come and go as fast as the winds blow
i myself, definitely monitor trends, and follow them to an extent, but i always stay true to myself and my style!
fashion is in the eye of the beholder
anyone (well, anyone with unlimited funds) can buy the latest greatest obsession, but a true fashionista can rock a $2 target score and make it the most enviable accessory of all the trendies
i have always had a "thing"
my friends use to say, i wasn't ready until i "TARA-fied" my look
meaning, i had to add the tara touch, an element that's all my own, that's my signature
it used to be hats, literally everyday a different hat!
i actually ran into a friend who didn't recognize me, because they had never seen me without a hat on!
then it went to bangles upon bangles upon bangles
admittedly a look i have yet to grow out of, but i've toned it waaaay down
my point is, you don't have to spend money to look chic, you just have to style it your way and own it!
this entire look is compiled of pieces from Forever 21
yes ladies!
you can still shop there and find amazingly affordable pieces without looking like you're trying to be a kid

the blazer i purchased a couple years ago, along with the tuxedo blouse
my faux leather pants are a recent purchase (leather will never go out of style!)
these boutique 9 pumps were a purchase made, idk, 4 years ago?
 before pointy toed pumps had made their comeback and spikes were just a lil too crazy
but guess what??  it worked to my benefit, bc i got these on super sale at tjs for like $20!!
and now everyone and their mother is coveting the valentino version that costs enough to break my bank!
my vintage clutch bag (its my go to, ALWAYS!) was a gift from Kathleen and i have had it now for 10 years
and the hounds tooth scarf was a christmas gift from my mother, that i've been wearing like every day!
"when you are your TRUE SELF, there is no competition"
Tara Belle
tuxedo blouse similar here here and here, pink blazer similar here and here, faux leather pant similar here and here, vintage clutch similar here, pumps similar here, hounds tooth scarf similar here

comfy camo

i'm not much of a planner, on purpose!
i plan not to plan!
the thought of having a schedule gives me such anxiety 
i'm a "fly by the seat of my pants/it'll all work out" kinda girl
and thank goodness for that, because saturday, i had made "plans" to spend the day with the hubs, child free!
lincoln on the other hand, wasn't feelin it and obviously sensed our scheme so in protest he stayed up allllll night friday alternating between crying and screaming and then crying and screaming some more and then maybe take 5 minutes of silence to trick me into falling asleep only to wake me back up with more crying and screaming!
no biggie, daddy and mommy day just got a plus 1!
and what an angel that little booger was??
could he really be that smart to work the system already?
i had "planned" on wearing a more "date-ish" outfit with heals and done up hair, but with munchkin in tow i resorted to my mommy uniform of comfort and flats
all in all it was a great day with my main man and our littlest of men!
i am one blessed woman!!
"you don't always need a plan.  sometimes you just need to breathe, trust, let go and see what happens"
tara belle
fireside cable knit sweater Forever 21, pencil jeans J Brand similar here, Brynn camo flats Target, blazer Vintage, bag TJMaxx, cupchain necklace Stella & Dot, scarf similar here

down the old dirt road

the wind chill in Charleston has been RIDIC!!
having spent most of my day indoors, I was not prepared (or dressed appropriate for) the freeze!
I was, however, dressed for a day of play with my boys
these acid wash J Brand jeggings are a throw back to my days at sXc
i figure since Isabel Marant was rocking a similar style on her spring runway, maybe they're making a comeback . . . . . . ??
maybe they're not, i don't know, but I DO know that they are so incredibly comfortable, that i really don't care!
i paired them with this boyfriend tee and moto jacket to add a rocker vibe!
"of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt"
Tara Belle
tee Forever 21similar here, denim moto jacket H&M, skinnies J Brand similar here and here, kahsha hi-top wedge sneakers Target, sport tote Shoemint, xena necklace Jewelmint