paisley pop

hello!!!  what's been goin' on babes?  is your week off to a good start??  i successfully showered only to put my jammies back on and then cleaned and re-cleaned my house, so, i guess you could say it's been a productive monday.  lincoln tied a shoe string around mavie's neck and tried to ride him like a pony and phoenix played "monster" and bit linc in the face and mav spilled an entire fruit juice all over my freshly mopped floor, soooo, yea, typical day in the belle abode.


well hello there thursday!!  it literally feels like saturday, because schools out, which means, i haven't had to leave the house all day, which means i'm still in my pjs.  ummmmm, hashtag sorry not sorry??

hello moto

hooray for friyay!!  oh, oops!  totally forgot to hit that little ole PUBLISH button, so boo for monday and, wahhhhh, fashion week is officially over (insert teary eyed emoji here).

mix n' match

hello!!!  ok, i know, i'm majorly dragging out this whole Charleston Fashion Week thing, but i just never want it to be over!!  today's look is from Bridal Day which has actually become my most favorite show of the week.  There's gorgeous gowns, tons of food, and this year even offered up an on stage proposal!!  i totally cried, i'm not even gonna lie.


yay, its friday!!!  ok, actually it's tuesday, but i wore this on a friday, so it's making me feel all kinds of night out vibes.  and i'm desperately missing my bow, so i love seeing us reunited in these pics!!