bleach blonde + giveaway

hello chicas!!  who else is so excited for friday??  i am letting my hair down (quite literally) for tonight's post to chat a lil bit about these tresses o' mine.


Annnnd just like that we're only 10 days away from Christmas.  Ummmm, good thing I haven't started shopping yet. :/. No rush, I tend to be good in the clutch.  I have, of course, done plenty of shopping for myself.  I mean, it is the holidays after all and a girl needs options.  Sparkle skirt for this party, chunky sweater for the ornament exchange, somethin snazzy for New Years, yea, I've checked all of those items off my list.  And I actually checked them all off at SHOP which seems appropriate since that is where I'm shopping in today's post!


happiest of sunday evening's babes!!  so sorry for the long delay in postings, i have been fighting off something fierce for the last 2 weeks and this week it really got the best of me.  fingers crossed i'm on the mend, because we are headed to the burgh on wednesday and i am so looking forward to snow angels and skating in ppg plaza and eating all the primantis and all the million other things i love to do when we go home.

1 dress already sitting pretty in the pack pile, is this little mustard velvet number!!  


happy sunday friends!!  this look is one of my absolute favorites and one that i recreate over and over all year round.  yes, i wear leather in the summer, it's perfectly normal, but a little bit easier in the less sticky months.  sweaters are also a year round staple for me, but especially when they come in the ever so versatile sleeveless style.  this one is perfect!!!  it's light and soft and easy to layer and so very stylish.  i have been blessed with a little extra in the tush, so i almost always opt for sweaters with some form of a slit.