it's good to be a girl

happy happy sunday babes!!  i have spent a better part of my weekend stalking instagram to check out all the street style looks from fashion week and the fomo is real you guys!!!  i don't know what i feel like i'm missing out on more, the runway shows or the cooler temps.  truthfully, any excuse to layer on the fashion and snap a zillion photos sounds amazing to me!!  i will definitely be shooting some #NYFW inspired looks this week so be on the lookout for those, and in the meantime, lets chat the ultimate fall maxi, why everyone needs a backpack and how it is just so "good to be a girl"!!
 i mean, is there anything better??  we can do it all, have it all and look amazing while were at it!
this sweater knit maxi is one of my favorite purchases to date.  it hugs my body and keeps me warm and makes me feel so sexy without having to bare all that skin!  i will definitely be buying up as many as i can find.
y'all know by now i love a backpack.  i think i have 4 now?  they're all totally different, but the concept is the same; hands free functional fashion!!  not to mention the fact that they make a HUGE statement!!!  this Vera Bradley backpack is the most perfect cognac buttery leather that almost looks a little vintage and definitely has me feeling like the coolest girl on campus.  and by campus, of course i'm referring to my kids kindergarten parking lot.  
which brings me to why i love being a girl.  i am the queen of my household!!  and, until i had my boys, i don't think i realized how amazing we really are as women, but you guys, we totally are!!  men would tap out by breakfast.  we are tough, we are nurturing, we are simply amazing!  and we don't get nearly enough credit, so let's start celebrating ourselves, okay?!!  use the hashtag #itsgoodtobeagirl or upload your image HERE and share your story for why its good to be a girl!!!!!

have a great week ladies!!!



Vera Bradley big sky backpack c/o

this post is in collaboration with People StyleWatch x Vera Bradley campaign.  all opinions are my own

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