hey guys!!!  tonight i'm sharing my fool-proof mommy uniform with Old Navy!!  best part, head to toe is all under $150!!!!  booties and bag included!!  that right there is reason number 1 that i love to shop here.  reason number 2 is because i always find great stuff for the whole family!!
 Jeremy's closet has been taken over by just about everything ON.  he's quite fond of their v-neck tees and broke-in khakis.  his "dad style" is very much laid back and super easy.  everything is mix and match and i'm pretty positive he puts absolutely no thought whatsoever into picking out an outfit.  i however, agonize and try on a million things before i find the right thing, but i like to keep this look in my back pocket and it almost always wins.  i call it my "mommy uniform" and it's basically compiled of these 4 major components.  no1:  boyfriend jeans are my absolute MUST HAVE!!!  no matter the day, the time of the month, if you just scarfed down 5 tacos and a pound of guac, bfs are always gonna fit and (fingers crossed) they will always be on trend.  personally i like mine to be a rigid denim with lots of rips and plenty of saggage.  this pair has some stretch, so they're a tad more clingy, but after an hour or so, they definitely start to bag out making them that much cuter!!  no2: the perfect tee!!!!!!  Old Navy always knocks it out of the park in the t-shirt department.  they have multiple fits, all the right colors, and they are super stain friendly!!  much like my jeans, i like my tees to be a touch on the baggy side, so i usually opt for a flowier fit or just bump up a size.  this grey tee is so comfy, i actually wore it 3 days in a row.  (don't judge me, you know you've done it too) but, to keep that from becoming a habit, i ordered a second grey and a white one as well, because it really is pretty freakin perfect.  no3. the topper.  i never leave the house without some sort of jacket or shirt to top off my look and actually make it look like i tried to put together this outfit.  so, yes, we know i'm a very big fan of the denim jacket and they definitely win their fair share of the time, but usually i'm already in jeans, so in most cases, i'm gonna go for a utility shirt or jacket of some kind.  i definitely have my favorites and i know most people like the weight/style of a jacket, but again, i'm an oversized kinda gal, and the shirt gives me that purposefully sloppy chic look that i love so much.  last up, no4: the on-the-go shoe.  aka, comfortable/easy to chase/wrangle children.  heels are a mom's worst nightmare.  i love them!  and i wear them an awful lot, but almost never in the presence of my children, unless Jeremy is there to pull my weight.  flats used to be so tough!!  remember when all you could find were "sensible shoes" in the flats department??  gag me.  if you ever catch me wearing something describable as sensible, please rip it off me and burn it that instant!!!  no we have so many choices; ballerina flats, sneakers, booties, loafers, everything is flat!!  plus flats are actually having a major moment right now, making you win way more cool points for wearing sneakers with that little lace dress or ballerina lace-ups with a bomber.  booties are always an easy go-to for fall because we live in the country and i don't like risking a cute pair of suede sneakers on a rainy day.  sunnies and a quick lip are my best disguise and totally fool people into thinking you've showered and shaved and put on a full face just to run to the grocery store.  trust me when i tell you that is rarely the case!!

what's your go-to outfit of choice??  let me know in the comments!!  



Old Navy boyfriend ankle jean c/o
Old Navy v-neck tee c/o
Old Navy boyfriend shirt c/o
Old Navy crossbody bag c/o
Old Navy pointed toe boots c/o

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