rock fest

back in black FTW, and in some serious need of caffeine.  ok yea, i've only been back on it for like a week, but i'm pretty sure i'm more dependent than ever and you can't make me feel bad about it.  


happy friday friends!!  i'm back on coffee and i honestly don't remember why i ever thought it was a good idea to get off.  it tastes amazing, it smells delicious, and it makes me so very very happy.  so as i sip my second cup for the day, i am multi-tasking and sharing this fun little jumpsuit

innovators in the alley

happy sunday funday friends!!!  i am working poolside because, its charleston, and we are celebrating amazing results from Lincoln's scans this week!!  we have officially hit the halfway mark to 5 years cancer free!!!!  for those of you that don't know, our little Lincoln is a Neuroblastoma survivor and we are so blessed to have the continued care and support from our family at MUSC, and of course, my fashion family as well, making this post so special because i finally get to merge the 2!!!  a few weeks ago i had the amazing privilege to play "model" at the Beckett Boutique Charity Fashion Show.


back in my basics today with some of my favorite brands!!!  colors and prints tend to cause me to go into over analyzing mode and i fret over every single detail of an outfit until i get it perfect.  i usually love the outcome, but i don't always have the time for the stress.  so on the average day, i stick to neutral tones and classic fits.


happy sunday friends!!!  i think it's safe to say i have a small obsession with Clarins by now, so i'm excited to share with you guys my newest beauty crush.  lips are always my numero uno.  i never leave the house without SOMETHING on my lips.  sunglasses can pretty much cover everything else, but your lips leave a lasting impression so by all means, don't get caught in the nude.


Orange you glad it's almost Friday??  Ok sorry that was super cheesy, but I mean, how else do you expect me to start a post about the orangest dress I've ever owned?  and this one is pretty much the perfect shade of blood orange.  Speaking of, OJ has really tainted the reputation of oranges, don't you think?