party perfect

happiest happy thursday lovebugs!!!!  the holiday festivities are in full effect and i am counting down the days til the finale party of 2017!  any excuse to wear all the glitter and gold, right?  so, with so many parties already come and gone, i have officially perfected my holiday face and ok, it's basically just my everyday face but i've added an extra bold pop of the lip.


we made it to hump day friends!!!  i am so in love with today's look i can't stand it and i only wish i hadn't already worn it in front of everyone i know, because i really want to wear it again and again!!!


wow, ok yea, so it's been a minute . . . and not the new york kind.  how mom's work full time jobs i'll never know.  i can barely manage to get the kids to school on time, much less tidy the house, cook a meal, type a blog post . . . i'm exhausted honestly


happy friday love muffins!!  i hope you all had an amazing week and i know y'all have got to be ready for this extra long weekend!!  i feel like i've been in a funk since mexico and my dry whit has escaped me, so i apologize if i'm not exactly spry.  i signed up for another juice cleanse so hopefully that'll get my brain (and my butt) back in gear.  just don't bother talking to me tuesday thru thursday because starvation is not a cute look on me.  i'm ravenous and irritated and everyone's food photos on ig stories have me in a full blown rage and i haven't even started yet, so i'm thinking this is going to be a breeze......don't psych me out, i'm totally committed! 


happy monday!!  so so much to talk about all in one little outfit, so lets get right to it.  ok, well first off, The Rise is my absolute favorite coffee shop to shoot at.  the lighting is always perfect, inside or out and they swap up the classic cars outside, so if you happen to be in Charleston and need a cute shot, do yourself a favor and swing down Wentworth for this little gem.  i'm not usually one for bright colored anything, but this car speaks to me because my first car was also a teal convertible with white leather interior, and he was a pimp ride!  sadly i totaled him at the Cheesecake Factory (true story), but he gave me a few good years.  


oh latte how i love you so!!  and skinny jeans and graphic tees and any excuse to combine the 3.  i've reverted back to my comfort zone and it's all about this combo as of late.  the jeans are a little more relaxed and the tees are a little more classic, but essentially, it's the same outfit i've been wearing for the last 10 years.  i finally purged my closet and replaced all my super skinnies (with the exception of a few, just in case)


let me just preface this post by stating that i actually have no clue what i am talking about and you probably shouldn't listen to a thing i have to say.  i am literally making this stuff up as i go.  so before you go following my "fitness plan" you might wanna invest a smidgen a bit of time into your own research, this is just a blow by blow of what my lazy butt has been up to lately.  
last month this fitness company reached out to me about sending me some items (fyi: this is how it works in the world of blogging, we get "gifted" items all the time.  we are under no obligation to post about said product and usually i don't unless i actually do love the item being sent and in this case, i do love a great pair of leggings.)  i tried them on, they fit amazing and i got inspired.  i downloaded an app, i started paying attention to what i was eating and then i got busy and that inspiration fizzled

rock fest

back in black FTW, and in some serious need of caffeine.  ok yea, i've only been back on it for like a week, but i'm pretty sure i'm more dependent than ever and you can't make me feel bad about it.  


happy friday friends!!  i'm back on coffee and i honestly don't remember why i ever thought it was a good idea to get off.  it tastes amazing, it smells delicious, and it makes me so very very happy.  so as i sip my second cup for the day, i am multi-tasking and sharing this fun little jumpsuit

innovators in the alley

happy sunday funday friends!!!  i am working poolside because, its charleston, and we are celebrating amazing results from Lincoln's scans this week!!  we have officially hit the halfway mark to 5 years cancer free!!!!  for those of you that don't know, our little Lincoln is a Neuroblastoma survivor and we are so blessed to have the continued care and support from our family at MUSC, and of course, my fashion family as well, making this post so special because i finally get to merge the 2!!!  a few weeks ago i had the amazing privilege to play "model" at the Beckett Boutique Charity Fashion Show.


back in my basics today with some of my favorite brands!!!  colors and prints tend to cause me to go into over analyzing mode and i fret over every single detail of an outfit until i get it perfect.  i usually love the outcome, but i don't always have the time for the stress.  so on the average day, i stick to neutral tones and classic fits.


happy sunday friends!!!  i think it's safe to say i have a small obsession with Clarins by now, so i'm excited to share with you guys my newest beauty crush.  lips are always my numero uno.  i never leave the house without SOMETHING on my lips.  sunglasses can pretty much cover everything else, but your lips leave a lasting impression so by all means, don't get caught in the nude.


Orange you glad it's almost Friday??  Ok sorry that was super cheesy, but I mean, how else do you expect me to start a post about the orangest dress I've ever owned?  and this one is pretty much the perfect shade of blood orange.  Speaking of, OJ has really tainted the reputation of oranges, don't you think?


the countdown to the long weekend if officially on!!!!  our pool is finally open so fingers crossed the weather man is wrong and we have all kinds of sunshine because i have absolutely no plans until tuesday!!  of course patriotic dressing is in order along with at least one cheeseburger and probably a watermelon or two!!  this flowy number is perfect to get me through any day and it's just americana enough to make MDW appropriate!!  i of course opted for a little Jen Aniston ala friends inspired styling with my chambray kicks, layered tee and choker.  she is my ultimate everything goals after all.  wishing y'all a leisurely weekend!!!


i was literally just telling my gf the other day how i can't remember ever going out in "just a dress", but that was until now.  i can't possibly imagine any reason to layer something over this little number.  the print, the sleeves, the extra long neck tie, its so posh i can't stand it.  just to keep it weird, i went for a python mini bag ala Taxidermy and these furry slippers cuz they're just so fun!!!!!  happiest hump day loves!!


one of life's hardest struggles . . . . perfecting the perfect winged eyeliner.  a pencil liner looks dull and requires too much pressure on the lid to actually get a steady line, but liquid liners tend to be runny and i always find myself wiping it off and starting all over at least 5 times before i get it right only to have it run all over my lids the first time i blink (so annoying).  but, after watching a zillion pinterest tutorials, i think i finally have it down to a science and the new Clarins 3 dot liner is helping me fill in the blanks!!


hey babes!!  i hope you're all having a great week!!  kinda hard to be mad when the sun has been shining and the temps are rising!!  and i have been non-stop shooting since last thursday, so i am on a total creative high.  i have so much amazing stuff to share with you,and im finally back with my boy T (aka current.visuals) in today's look from the High Water Fest!!


happy happy Sunday babes!!!!  i am so excited to FINALLY share my looks for  the Summer Style Edit with Henri Bendel!!  this summer's style inspo is looking a little more tribal with orange as it's hero.  my rack is currently filled with nudes and olive and yes, lots of orange.  goodbye blush . . . sorry babes!!  ok, ok, blush is probably not going anywhere thanks to its pinterest worthy power, and it IS uber flattering on almost every skin tone, but i say out with the old and in with the BOLD!  scroll down to see all 3 looks and be sure to check out all my picks for summer on Henril Bendel


happy weekend friends!!!  we have a jam-packed schedule (what with easter and all) but wouldn't it just be amazing if i could hang in my pj's and watch bravo on repeat until monday??  basically my dream plans.


it only took me a month, but i am FINALLY breaking down my looks from Charleston Fashion Week!  idk what it is about that week, but it takes me forever to recover.  i think i quite literally changed 3 plus times a day, so we have a lot of looks to work our way through, but first up is one of my absolute favorites from the week!!!  if i could live in everything Taxidermy i totally would.


happy friday lovebugs!!!  i know i know, long time no blog.  i don't know how anybody sits behind a desk when the weather is this gorgeous, so my apologies for the long hiatus.  but i am back!!  and i'm bringing you another twist on the classics with Banana Republic.

travel diary: the beach club

3 cheers for friday guys!!  actually, i'm totally booked to work all weekend, but such is the life of a blogger.  tuesday is my saturday.  except for next tuesday, because its fashion week, so whatever, i'll rest when i'm dead.  but on the note of weekends and resting and just enjoying life in general, i am so thrilled to (finally) be sharing our staycay at The Beach Club!!  apologies in advance, but this is easily going to be a 3 parter, and most definitely the most photos i've ever shared per post.  we had a full crew along for the ride, so there were videographers, photographers, influencers, friends of influencers, a famous hedgehog . . . . . it was a crazy couple a days for sure, but we somehow managed to steal away a few moments with just the fam, and i wanted to start by sharing some of our memories!!  


happy sunny beautiful monday you guys!!!  sorry to those of you who may not be so lucky, but this carolina sunshine is everything right now!  is it winter, is it summer?  all the flowers are in full bloom and it smells like fresh cut grass and cutoffs are calling my name, so i am so very confused, but so not mad about it.  today i'm back with Banana Republic for a little more tailored look at spring separates.  y'all know i love me some BR and they always surprise me with their work wear chic pieces that incorporate so well into this momma on the go's wardrobe.


happy sunday babes!!!!  i am so excited, because 1: i get to sleep in tomorrow and enjoy that extra long weekend and 2.  i am switching it up on the blog with something fresh!!!  tonight, it's all about that 5 minute face.  i am that girl putting on her mascara at the stoplight and using my phone to slap on some lipstick.  i am always in a rush and rarely take the time to put on a full face, so i do the optimal bare minimum.  concealer, bronzer, brows, mascara and lipstck.  and i literally do them all while i wait in the carpool lane.  so, i've teamed up with Clarins to show you my on-the-go flawless face.


you guys . . . . . . it is almost spring!!!!!  i mean, it basically already is spring in charleston.  the flowers are blooming, the sun is (almost) always shining . . .okay, i probably just jinxed it, but whatever, i am so ready for it!!!  the longer days, the warmer nights, the brand new wardrobe ;)  that's actually all i care about.


ok, so don't let this outfit fool you, it actually has nothing to do with valentines or being in love or any of the other gag worthy crap spewed all over social media yesterday.  i actually didn't even realize how vday appropriate it was until this very moment.  btw, hope you had a lovely day of gag inducing love.  i cleaned my house and ate all the kids candy spent the better part of my evening folding laundry and watching bravo.  it was super special, let me tell ya.  

his n hers

good morning lovebirds!!!!  sorry for the delay, my site has not been cooperating the last few days, but luckily my tech guy is a genius and fixed it in a manner of seconds (making my last few days of googling and endless efforts seem pathetic).  i am seriously so techni-challenged you guys.  which is ironic considering everything i do is online, but, at least today, i get to put up the laptop and clock in some real man hours!!!!  and by man hours, i do mean MAN hours!  i am hosting a fun night out for the guys (and gals) with M. Dumas and Sons to help get our dudes looking a little more dapper!!  nothing wrong with that, right??  


hey guys!!!!  tonight's look is probably the most minimal outfit i have ever worn, but i can honestly say, i ain't mad at it.  i've been in a serious black mood lately, so it was nice to lighten things up and go for a little tonal tan look for once.  it's probably not going to become a thing, but, for a day, it was nice.  and, this onesie really deserved a moment.  hope you guys have a wonderful week!!  


happy weekend guys!!!!  today, i wanted to break down some not so basic basics that every girl should have in her arsenal (in my humble opinion).  sometimes keeping up with the trends can become exhausting and most days i don't have the brain capacity, much less the inspiration to come up with a totally amazing head to toe look.  this is where basics can be a lifesaver!!!


according to my family (eldest son and sister in particular) i wear too much black.  quite frankly, i really don't care, but in an attempt to break up the darkness, i have slowly started incorporating blacks not so fully committed sister, navy into the mix.  actually, navy and black might just be my favorite color combo ever.  i know, "technically speaking" the two are not supposed to pair well, but the same naysayers oppose white after labor day and i mean, who doesn't love an all white ensemble in the dead of winter??


happy sunday babes!!  i hope y'all had a relaxing weekend!!!  this look is actually what i wore for nye (i know, i'm a little late on the posting, my bad) but, even still, the pleated midi/maxi is one of my favorite trends right now!!!!  and i definitely don't think it has to be reserved for anything all that fancy.  i have worn mine with a graphic tee and sneakers, a button up and a bomber, or, fully layered and chic like today's little ensemble!!


the votes have been tallied and it's officially happening . . . . . greenery is in!! (y'all didn't really think i was gonna get all political, did you?) let's be honest, olive has always been in, but thank you so much, Pantone, for giving it your stamp of approval!  also, giving this sweatshirt 2 (green) thumbs up, is the hubs.  he could not be more enthused that i'm adding more camouflage to the collection.  of course, this doesn't exactly help my argument to the the fact that "realtree" is not a fashion statement you should ever make outside of the deer stand, but at least he cares enough to embarrass me and wear it downtown to all my fancy fashion events.

spoiled + a seriously stellar giveaway!!

you guys!!! today is a very exciting day!! i have teamed up with 3 of my favorite jewelry designers to give one of you a pretty freaking spectacular prize!! and not to fret if you don't win, you can still fully take advantage of some super legit discounts! let's break it down . . .


happy almost friday guys!!!  tonight's post is definitely way more personal than your average for me.  not because i'm divulging any deep dark secrets or anything, i'm just actually in my natural habitat without the crutch of my sunglasses to hide behind.  it's kindof scary, i'm not gonna lie, but here goes nothing.

mav and me

when you shoot an outfit and then totally forget about it until months later . . . yea, that about sums this look up.


new year, same ole me, 3 days late....sorry for the hiatus.  still lovin' all the 90's vibes and really hoping this trend sticks around for at least another season.  of course, i'm always going to be a little grungy because band tees and plaid everything will always be wardrobe staples as far as i'm concerned.  and obviously i have a small affection for anything moto.  it's kind of impossible to not look cool in a moto jacket, which is exactly why i own so many.  i'm not that cool, fyi, i just really like to pretend.