i'm currently drowning in laundry and snotty noses, so it's gonna be a quick post today guys!  
black has quickly become my every day all day.  i used to really steer away from it, but i'm not sure why, because it is quite possibly the most chic color in all existence!!  and there's no way you can go wrong with an all black ensemble.


happy hump day babes!!  i am so excited to be back with Vera Bradley and People Style Watch to showcase why it is just so good to be a girl!!  honestly, what can't we do??  women are strong and sensitive.  we have the ability to create life.  we rule the boardroom and rock the runway and run the world.  we are girls!!  aside from that unwanted visitor that pops in every month or so, i'm pretty sure there's a million reasons why it's good to be a girl, so upload your image HERE share your story with the hashtag #itsgoodtobeagirl 


wahhh, my last and final fashion week inspired post with Metisu and it's totally leaving me craving for more!!  can every week be NYFW??  but like seriously, can it??


happy saturday friends!!!  i know i know, weekend posts are not really my thing, but this week has been a bit of a mess with the kids being home and i forgot how hard it was to concentrate on a single thought with 3 munchkins screaming at me and demanding attention all day.  it's honestly exhausting.  to all the teachers out there, God Bless you!!!  i don't think i could do it.  but i sincerely appreciate that you do, because i have really started to enjoy that few hours of silence and sanity!  they're currently high on the drug that is disney channel, giving just enough time to shower and shave and finish this post!  

today is "fashion week" inspired look number 2 with METISU!!  sporty chic is a HUGE trend this year and i am in love with these three quarter baseball sleeves.


hey guys!!!  in case you hadn't noticed, fashion month just wrapped and my feed was flooded with street style posts and runway looks and a million perfectly foamed lattes and all i was feeling was major fomo because i wasn't right there alongside all my favorite fashion babes with a front row seat to the chaos.  so even though i didn't get to jet to paris and nyc and milan, i brought fashion month to me and hit up the uber chic streets of charleston to strut some fashion week looks with Metisu.


i don't know if y'all know this about me, but olive might just be my favorite neutral ever.  i have a few items that i buy repeatedly (denim jackets, leather pants, band tees, anything with laces) and olive!!  or really, utilitarian, which can technically come in more shades than just olive, but there's just something about that green army inspired style that gets me every time.  this silk dress version has me feeling all kinds of fall vibes and the best part about a shirt dress is the fact that the options are endless!!

baby blue

happy wednesday guys!!!  i hope you are all safe and evacuated to somewhere dry for the duration of this little hurricane heading our way!  we are planning on bunkering down in the boro and i've already stocked the house with all the snacks and coffee and candy a gal could possibly need.  i mean, there's water and batteries too don't worry.  i might've even grabbed a can good or 2 just in case i run out of m&m's.  so anyway, let's think dryer thoughts and take it back a few weeks.  i actually wore this outfit to dinner with the hubby to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary!!  yes you guys, i am really that old, but please by all means act shocked, kay??  we skipped the fuss and went for tacos because, i can never turn down mexican.  luckily, my photographer is AMAZING!!!!  and he met me outside to snap a few shots of my #ootn.  so here we have it, this adorable off the shoulder top that i'm borderline obsessed with and even the hubs approved, which let me tell you, NEVER happens!!


it's literally been so long, i think i forgot how to even start one of these things . . . . . but here goes nothing!!!  i took a small little hiatus due to some random/unexpected health issues, but finally and thankfully!!  i am officially on the mend!!!!  this whole thirties thing is seriously overrated.  i have been exercising regularly, eating healthy and i even did a 3 day juice cleanse, but clearly my body was less than thrilled and would prefer me to stay in energy saver mode and live on that coffee and sugar diet that has served me so well thus far.  so, for now, i'm taking it easy and plan to start easing back in to my "healthy" routine next week.  i have definitely missed my morning walk.  the hour of silence really helps me maintain some level of sanity throughout the day.  so anyway, nbd, i'm good, and i'm over all the woe is me bs, so let's get back to what i'm good at, superficial, vain, fashion!!!!