what it is people!!!  oh yes yes yes, it is friday!!!!!!!  (i'm totally singing this, don't you worry)  so.  friday makes me so very very happy, much like every other human being on the face of this earth.  it's basically the happiest day of the week.  and even though it's a zillion degrees, i keep jumping back and forth from summer to fall because i'm in the mood for layers and neutrals and everything else that goes along with cool weather clothing.  so, to feed my need, i've been mixing all my seasons together for a weird mashup that i'm totally digging.  this Design History top, i mean, so fun right??
 it's pretty much the perfect funky fringe to kickstart the weekend, and even though it would probably be more weather appropriate with some cutoffs and strappy sandals, you know me, i'm not fond of sweating.  i'm borderline obsessed with anything military inspired, utilitarian, khaki/olive, whatever you wanna call it, i love it.  so, i pulled these bad boys from the back of my closet (circa 2010) and paired them with this top and some fringy heels to keep the look light and fun.  surprise, surprise, i topped it off with a denim jacket that i totally scored at goodwill (true story) and loaded it up with my growing collection of vintage pins.  i hope you guys have a wonderful weekend!!!!  ciao!!


Design History lace fringe top c/o

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