it's literally been so long, i think i forgot how to even start one of these things . . . . . but here goes nothing!!!  i took a small little hiatus due to some random/unexpected health issues, but finally and thankfully!!  i am officially on the mend!!!!  this whole thirties thing is seriously overrated.  i have been exercising regularly, eating healthy and i even did a 3 day juice cleanse, but clearly my body was less than thrilled and would prefer me to stay in energy saver mode and live on that coffee and sugar diet that has served me so well thus far.  so, for now, i'm taking it easy and plan to start easing back in to my "healthy" routine next week.  i have definitely missed my morning walk.  the hour of silence really helps me maintain some level of sanity throughout the day.  so anyway, nbd, i'm good, and i'm over all the woe is me bs, so let's get back to what i'm good at, superficial, vain, fashion!!!!

it is officially fall, yay!!!!  i bought white pumpkins a week ago, i could hardly resist the urge to celebrate the kickoff to my favorite season of the year!!!  sweaters are everywhere, nobody looks at you like you're crazy when you order a hot latte and everything smells of pumpkin and cinnamon!!  c'mon, you know you wanna be basic and jump in a pile of leaves and order some apple cider and buy the biggest plaid scarf that covers you from your neck to your knees!!  yes you guys!  i do all of these things!!!  i may pretend like i'm "too cool" but really i'm just a closeted basic little you know what doing all the most basic of basic activities and loving every second of it!!  

this look is the epitome of everything that i love about fall fashion.  super skinnes, sleek booties and all the layers!!  yes, i realize my coffee cup is filled with ice water, but that's only because even though my mind says fall, the thermometer is still reading heat of summer!  but, i still drink extra hot lattes every morning in the comfort of my air conditioned kitchen, don't you worry ;)  have a great week you guys!!!!


Old Navy poncho c/o
Old Navy striped henley c/o
Old Navy rockstar skinny c/o
Old Navy booties c/o

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