off duty

happy tuesday lovers!!  the weather is finally cooling down . . . . . to like the low 90's (insert unenthused smirk here).  ok, so it's not really cooling down, and if you look close, you can totally see all the beads of sweat rolling down my face, but i have been forcing myself to think freezing thoughts, because i am so ready for layer weather!!!!  i am totally that weird girl that wears jeans year round, and i always love at least 1 layer, but charleston doesn't usually agree with my fashion philosophies, so sometimes you just have to beat to your own temperature drum.  and if that doesn't work, pray for a strong breeze. :) 


hey guys!!!  tonight i'm sharing my fool-proof mommy uniform with Old Navy!!  best part, head to toe is all under $150!!!!  booties and bag included!!  that right there is reason number 1 that i love to shop here.  reason number 2 is because i always find great stuff for the whole family!!

it's good to be a girl

happy happy sunday babes!!  i have spent a better part of my weekend stalking instagram to check out all the street style looks from fashion week and the fomo is real you guys!!!  i don't know what i feel like i'm missing out on more, the runway shows or the cooler temps.  truthfully, any excuse to layer on the fashion and snap a zillion photos sounds amazing to me!!  i will definitely be shooting some #NYFW inspired looks this week so be on the lookout for those, and in the meantime, lets chat the ultimate fall maxi, why everyone needs a backpack and how it is just so "good to be a girl"!!


happy friday babes!!  ok, i know sorry, i've been a tad absent all week, but the 4 day weekend really messed up my productivity.  today is actually J and I's 10th wedding anniversary, what?!!!!  before you ask, NO!  i am not that old, i was just really really young when we got married.  like 12.  well, the digits are right, but maybe not in that order.  so anyway, today's post is gonna be short and sweet (quite literally).


soooo, you know how i love denim, right???  today is all about these True Religion skinnies, and i'm breaking down my must have denim pieces to complete every closet.