happiest of sunday evening's babes!!  so sorry for the long delay in postings, i have been fighting off something fierce for the last 2 weeks and this week it really got the best of me.  fingers crossed i'm on the mend, because we are headed to the burgh on wednesday and i am so looking forward to snow angels and skating in ppg plaza and eating all the primantis and all the million other things i love to do when we go home.

1 dress already sitting pretty in the pack pile, is this little mustard velvet number!!  so, obvi velvet is having a major moment and clearly i'm totally on board.  and the 90's are also taking over street style of the moment, and my fave has got to be the cami x tee layers.  mostly because i don't have the bubbies to fill out a cami dress but also, because i love a good layer and i'm pretty sure i will never wear a slip dress alone again.  i tried this dress with a handful of jackets (more layers) and was totally sold on a leopard fur when i remembered this baby blue beaut was hiding in the hall closet.  i kinda thought it was a stretch and i mean, we all know i'm not incredibly fond of color, but i fell in love with the groovy vibez and just went with it.  i gotta say, i'm totally in love with the combo!!  it's super unexpected but so very perfect!!  what do you guys think?  are you into color mixing???  

have the best week you guys!!!!  and i promise many more posts are hitting the blog this week so stay tuned!!


FOR LOVE AND LEMONS collette velvet dress c/o BOUTIQUE TO YOU

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