happy sunday babes!!!!  i am so excited, because 1: i get to sleep in tomorrow and enjoy that extra long weekend and 2.  i am switching it up on the blog with something fresh!!!  tonight, it's all about that 5 minute face.  i am that girl putting on her mascara at the stoplight and using my phone to slap on some lipstick.  i am always in a rush and rarely take the time to put on a full face, so i do the optimal bare minimum.  concealer, bronzer, brows, mascara and lipstck.  and i literally do them all while i wait in the carpool lane.  so, i've teamed up with Clarins to show you my on-the-go flawless face.


you guys . . . . . . it is almost spring!!!!!  i mean, it basically already is spring in charleston.  the flowers are blooming, the sun is (almost) always shining . . .okay, i probably just jinxed it, but whatever, i am so ready for it!!!  the longer days, the warmer nights, the brand new wardrobe ;)  that's actually all i care about.


ok, so don't let this outfit fool you, it actually has nothing to do with valentines or being in love or any of the other gag worthy crap spewed all over social media yesterday.  i actually didn't even realize how vday appropriate it was until this very moment.  btw, hope you had a lovely day of gag inducing love.  i cleaned my house and ate all the kids candy spent the better part of my evening folding laundry and watching bravo.  it was super special, let me tell ya.  

his n hers

good morning lovebirds!!!!  sorry for the delay, my site has not been cooperating the last few days, but luckily my tech guy is a genius and fixed it in a manner of seconds (making my last few days of googling and endless efforts seem pathetic).  i am seriously so techni-challenged you guys.  which is ironic considering everything i do is online, but, at least today, i get to put up the laptop and clock in some real man hours!!!!  and by man hours, i do mean MAN hours!  i am hosting a fun night out for the guys (and gals) with M. Dumas and Sons to help get our dudes looking a little more dapper!!  nothing wrong with that, right??  


hey guys!!!!  tonight's look is probably the most minimal outfit i have ever worn, but i can honestly say, i ain't mad at it.  i've been in a serious black mood lately, so it was nice to lighten things up and go for a little tonal tan look for once.  it's probably not going to become a thing, but, for a day, it was nice.  and, this onesie really deserved a moment.  hope you guys have a wonderful week!!  


happy weekend guys!!!!  today, i wanted to break down some not so basic basics that every girl should have in her arsenal (in my humble opinion).  sometimes keeping up with the trends can become exhausting and most days i don't have the brain capacity, much less the inspiration to come up with a totally amazing head to toe look.  this is where basics can be a lifesaver!!!


according to my family (eldest son and sister in particular) i wear too much black.  quite frankly, i really don't care, but in an attempt to break up the darkness, i have slowly started incorporating blacks not so fully committed sister, navy into the mix.  actually, navy and black might just be my favorite color combo ever.  i know, "technically speaking" the two are not supposed to pair well, but the same naysayers oppose white after labor day and i mean, who doesn't love an all white ensemble in the dead of winter??