mock turtles and mini skirts FTW, am i right??  actually, i wore a tank top and mom jeans today, but if i hadn't been running around target with munchkins, i would've totally worn this outfit today, because it was beautiful outside!!!  and i have a fresh spray tan and i live for any excuse to wear a turtleneck, because i'm obsessed with this little faux bob effect that it has on my hair :))  and this blush pink is probably my all time favorite color, because, yes, i am a girl at heart.


oh hello there cyber monday!!!  so, yes i know, this is one of the very few times that we welcome monday with open arms, but honestly, aren't we all shopped out yet??  i feel like i've been on a shopping marathon since wednesday, and i just don't know if i have it in me to go another round.  so instead of flooding you with all the best sales, which, honestly, i'm sure you can figure out for yourselves, i'm going to bring you some good ole fashion style and lucky for you, IT IS cyber monday so its all on sale!!


ok ok, today's the day!!! it's officially ok to blast the christmas tunes and start putting presents under the tree and drink eggnog until your hearts content!!! oh yea, and then there's the matter of black friday!! which i know is why you're all here anyway, so here we go! i've rounded up the best sales below from the brands and stores i actually shop! i am currently shopping these sites myself, so i will update this post with anything super cute i may find!!! and be sure to stop by tomorrow for the best of small biz saturday! gotta support the local makers and shakers, right?!! happy shopping babes!!!


happy thanksgiving babes!!!!  i hope you're all knuckles deep in turkey and pumpkin pie by now!  we are officially starting the never ending feast at noon and i am sure to be stuffing my face until the new year!!  holiday desserts are the best thing ever!!!!!!!!  so, speaking of holidays, i know tomorrow is kindof a big one for all my shopping comrades, so check back tonight around midnight when i post everything i will be shopping for tomorrow!!  and if you can't wait til then, you can shop this romper (and everything else at TOBI) for 50% off!!


work werk blah blah work.  ugh, the word itself is depressing.  much like "monday"  but at least it's gonna be a super short work week and then we can all stuff our faces until the new year!!  but for today, i'm sad to say, it's back to work and i'm hoping to bring you a little monday office inspiration!


we made it!  it's friday!!!!  you guys, i probably say this every week, but this has been one heck of a week.  and we leave for birmingham tomorrow and SHOCKER!  i haven't even finished laundry much less started to pack.


you guys .. . . . . remember this dress from my ig story??  well, i'm finally getting around to posting it, and all i can say to you is, ya gonna want this dress ASAP!!!!!


if this pink wall isn't putting a smile on your monday face, than i don't know what will!  and if not, just know that there are only like 2 more hours until its officially tuesday, so, that's good right??  is monday not just like the dirtiest curse word in the english language??  i used to be that freak that loved monday, but now that i have 2 kids in school and i'm forced to leave my warm bed at ungodly hours of the morning, i'm not such a fan of this whole monday thing.  anyway, let's think happy almost friday thoughts . . . . . tonight marks my final monochrome collab with Taxidermy and i feel like i definitely saved the best for last!!!


surely that smile has nothing to do with the fact that tomorrow is Monday.  more so to do with the fact that this election is behind us, thanksgiving is a week away, and the radio has started playing all Christmas all the time!!!!  oh and NBD, but, the red cup is BACK!!!!!  y'all know i drove all the way to charleston just to snag one, and then i stole my gf's as well and i went back again yesterday, so i totally plan on collecting them all.  don't judge me, this is total normal basic white girl behavior!

armani armani armani

happy friday babes!!!!  i'm taking a quick break from all things taxidermy to bring you a little night on the town inspiration!!!!  y'all know i'm a no fuss makeup kinda gal.  sunglasses usually cover half of my face anyways, but i do (occasionally) go for the full blown glam treatment.  especially for a night out, because, even though i try, sunglasses are not exactly socially acceptable indoors after 8pm (go figure).  my fave makeup spot (truly the only one i go to) in Charleston is Cos Bar.  they carry all the best lines and every artist is super informative, plus their playlist is always on point.  you may remember my first in store experience last year.


it is with a heavy heart that i type this post today.  on one hand, i am thrilled to have this election behind us, but on the other, i am saddened by the intolerance of so many of my friends and family.  i think that regardless of the outcome, and whether your candidate won or lost, we need to band together as a nation.  i am proud to be an American and while we don't always have to agree with our leader, we need to stand behind him, UNITED!!  i feel like i have so much to say on the topic, but surely my opinions differ than so many of yours and i hate to have them fall on deaf ears, so let us all just agree to love and respect each other, mmkay??


oops!!  totally forgot to hit publish yesterday, but hey, hello weekend!!!!  i'm twirling my way into friday (er saturday), feelin so extra happy after an awesome night out with the hubs to celebrate my favorite lady on the grand opening of her new pop up shop!!!  Taxidermy has officially taken over Charleston and i could not be more excited because i can now stop by any time and hang out with all the pretty python handbags!!!  and the natural lighting is insane, so its the perfect mirror selfie store (priorities you guys ;))


happy tuesday party people!!!  ok i know, tuesdays isn't exactly a day to celebrate, but i'm already in full blown celebration mode, because the Taxidermy POP-UP shop has landed and the party kicks off this Thursday!!!