what it is people!!!  oh yes yes yes, it is friday!!!!!!!  (i'm totally singing this, don't you worry)  so.  friday makes me so very very happy, much like every other human being on the face of this earth.  it's basically the happiest day of the week.  and even though it's a zillion degrees, i keep jumping back and forth from summer to fall because i'm in the mood for layers and neutrals and everything else that goes along with cool weather clothing.  so, to feed my need, i've been mixing all my seasons together for a weird mashup that i'm totally digging.  this Design History top, i mean, so fun right??


look at the stars, look how they shine for you . . . . . am i the only one that can't stop singing that song at the sight of something yellow??  so good, right?  ok, so, for a girl who's never really worn much yellow in her lifetime, i think it has officially become my new favorite color.  what is this, the third bright yellow outfit i've worn in the last couple weeks??  and, i've already started stocking up on mustard items for the fall, so i think its safe to say you're going to be seeing a lot more yellow.  what do you guys think the hot colors are gonna be this year??


what's up babes, how was your day??  did any of you shop the #Nsale and score some goodies??  does anyone want to explain to me why everyone can't shut up about this anniversary sale??  i feel like i'm the only person on the planet who could literally care less.  maybe that's just me.  ok, whatever, let's move on.  if you follow me on snap, you may remember the Jewels of Mumbai trunk show at Celadon.  or actually, you probably remember the day before when my kids went nuts and ran all over the store and then we got stuck in 2 and half hour traffic and i did a little Q&A which was maybe somewhat informative.  if you are reading this thinking "what the heck is she talking about" well, you should just probably start following me on snapchat cuz it's where all the real life bs goes down.  (username: misstarabelle)


monday funday!!!  ok, not really, but hopefully this bright fun ray of sunshine yellow can brighten your mood, and if not, just not that you're only a few hours shy of tuesday!!  and if that still isn't doin it for ya, well, there's a pretty sweet giveaway happening at the bottom of this post, so scroll and down and take full advantage!!  so, today (or tonight, really) i wanted to chat about making your wardrobe work for you.  as women, we are constantly in need of different outfits for different occasions and it can really be exhausting not to mention expensive, which is why i do my best to shop my own closet.  case and point, this cocktail dress!!

black n blue

literally, we are moments from FRIDAY!!!!!  we are headed to the beach for the weekend and i could not be more excited which is why i couldn't sleep and decided to get a head start on tomorrow's post.  if you want in on the fun, be sure to follow my snap for all the shenanigans! (username: misstarabelle)  and if you're already following me on snap, you got a lil sneak at this look last week during Social Media Day!!  i know, i know, who knew that was a thing, right??  i went to this conference-ish type thing that was basically a bunch of businesses and influencers and there was food and socializing and i guess exactly what you would assume would happen on a day dedicated to social media.  i hosted an event later that night, so i wanted to be more comfortable/casual but still chic, which in my mind just means, wear heels.  truly any outfit can instantly become a winner with a great pair of strappy stilettos, and red will forever be a favorite of mine!  i linked all the items below, including the focal point of this entire ensemble, dunt da da dah!!  my new baby, the Henri Bendel biggest most beautiful black bucket bag that i ever did see!!  this bag, omg, i don't even know where to begin.

cold shoulder

hello!!!  ok, sorry, i totally took that long weekend a bit to seriously and had myself a lil blogging vacay, but i'm back and not only is today's look super cute (and affordable) but i've also teamed up with a super team of bloggers for my best giveaway yet!!  oh, and, i'm doing a little takeover on instagram, so you should totally check that out as well!!  nothing like jam packing all the good stuff in to one day, right??


happy friday lovies!!!!  i know everyone is getting excited for the long weekend and i wanted to kick it off with a little patriotic inspiration!!!!  it's all about the blouse with this look and it's hitting on my favorite trend of the moment: the off-the-shoulder top!!  the puffy sleeves add that extra element that your average ots is lacking and best of all is price tag!!!!