just keep swimming

Cheers to it almost being friday!!!  no worries chicas, its just a mocktail.  i have a no alcohol required kinda personality, meaning, im already unfiltered, loud and obnoxious, so there's no real need to amplify that.  i just love the look of a beautifully blended fruity beverage.  and they're super refreshing, which is necessary in this heat.  my fall wardrobe is heavy under way, but i am still soaking up every last second of summer before the pool closes and nix starts school.  just 2 more weeks left!  ahhhh!!  how did that happen?  my baby went and grew up on me.  next thing you know he'll be driving and sneaking out to meet his girlfriend.  i am totally not prepared for this.  so let me embrace the moment that is summer.  today's post is officially the last of my summer swimwear and easily the most fun.  thank goodness for insta, i have discovered what are quite possibly the cutest swimmers in all the land.  Kortni Jeane is retro, vintage, flirty, feminine, fun, i could go on and on, i am so in love with this line!!  the entire collection is mix and match with so many cute prints to choose from and all offering their own little flare.  i absolutely love the peplum on these bottoms.  it hits at the perfect spot to show off my waist and the peplum hides my post baby pooch.  and i don't know about you, but im not loving all the high-rise bottoms with the brazilian cut buttocks.  if im buying high-rise, its because i want coverage, right??  these guys certainly cover all that and more and thank goodness because this chunky booty does not need to be on display.  i wish i had found these earlier on in the summer, but im excited to add some more prints to my collection for next year.
"may you begin this day with a smile on your face and with happiness for your soul to embrace"



Holy Makeover, that is all I have to say.  I mean, you may have noticed, or remember me mentioning pretty much all the time how I always, ALWAYS wear sunglasses.  multiple factors play into this.  where do I start?  I'm 30 with 3 children, I haven't had a good night sleep in 5 years, and God blessed me with naturally squinty eyes, so the above factors only highlight my tiny tired eyes and makeup is pretty far from my priorities list on the average day.  I'm the girl you see at the stoplight, curling her lashes and smacking on some lipstick.  it's a bad habit, I know, but my arms are generally full of children, which is quite evident in these pics.  lucky for me, the ladies at Cos Bar were there to not only make me look and feel like a whole new woman, they also took turns spoiling Mav and kept him entertained long enough for Heavenly to work her magic.  lets take it from the top.  GNO is pretty much my fave because the hubs keeps the older two and its just me and my littlest squeeze out on the town, living it up.  He is at the best age right now, where everything is new and exciting and he just grins and laughs all day.  its seriously the sweetest thing.  I keep saying no more kids, but I know he'll soon be out of this adorable baby phase and I am sure gonna miss it, so I might just have to try for one more go round.  I mean, why not?  I should probably at least TRY for a girl to balance out the testosterone levels in my house.  but for now, I am soaking in and squeezing up every last second of this scrumptious chunky happy phase.  so with Mav in toe, we headed to GNO/BNO (bloggers night out) at Charleston's hottest beauty spot Cos Bar.  since I'm pretty much makeup illiterate, I honestly had never been in store, but my girl Megan, resident cos bar makeup guru, is always touching me up at events around town so I knew I was in for some serious pampering.  Heavenly (yes, this is her name, how awesome is that!!) stripped me down and started with the basics.  primer, concealer, highlighter, bronzer, I mean, she used products i'd never even heard of, and somehow I still looked fresh faced and flawless!!  my wrinkles were gone, my eyes looked awake and blue!  yes, I have blue eyes, but you can hardly tell, because like I mentioned, they're either covered by sunnies or squinty, swollen, and puffy.  my favorite, and probably the only thing I truly know how to do, was this lipstick!!  the color is a purply pink perfection and I just loved the way it popped off my lips.  I listed all the products and colors used below.  I have to say, I seriously had the greatest time and learned a few tricks and went home with a serious swag bag full of goodies that I couldn't wait to try.  my fave?  Omorovicza!!  have you heard of it?  don't worry, I hadn't either, but with natural ingredients and anti-aging benefits, i had to give it a whirl.  these are the only 2 components i really look for in skincare.  well, that, and countertop appeal.  I'm a sucker for pretty packaging.  and the brand definitely meets my criteria.  and, bonus! my skin is totally feeling much more rejuvenated and a little less wrinkled.  once my skin calms down from the post-pregnancy/nursing hormones, I'm going to have to sit down with their esthetician and get a healthy skincare routine going.  mommas, you know what i'm talking about!  no one tells you about adult acne and hair loss when they discuss the joys of motherhood!  until then, i know i will be skipping the rearview mirror from now on and popping in before all my events for a full face application.
 "makeup is a way for woman to look and feel like herself, only prettier and more confident"


mua Heavenly of CosBar Charleston representing Dior
Airflash Foundation
Universal Brow Pencil in 01
5 color eye palette in Jardin
lipstick in rouge 786

3 little beads arrowhead necklace

special thanks to Cos Bar for having me and opening my eyes (literally) to the world of makeup

diamonds are forever

we made it to Friday and I'm continuing the summer fun with what might just be my absolute favorite look of all time.  remember the days of swim team speedos and swim caps?  do kids still do that?  we spent every summer on the swim team at the community pool, and even though I was terrible at staying in my lane, and never won a race, I loved the excuse to get a new suit and cap and goggles and towel and every other accessory you could possibly need to look the part of "swimmer"  funnily enough, I actually put my poor swim talents to good use and became a certified swim instructor in my early twenties.  you know what they say, those that can't, teach!  well, I'm not that great of a teacher either, because none of my boys know how to swim, but that's a whole other story.  back to the look at hand.  i pretty much love anything swim team/synchronized swimming inspired and I would totally wear a flower cap to the pool if I could find one, but for now i'll stick to my turbans.  I LOVE a good turban. I believe we've discussed this before, but you really can't go wrong and they instantly give any look (swim or otherwise) a retro/boho appeal.  paired with this suit, that's totally giving me speedo vibes, and I'm ready to swim laps!  ok, well not really, there's no need to embarrass myself.  and yes, I am totally that annoying girl at the pool who wears all her jewelry and carries a perfectly matched tote and towel.  I'm ocd, I can't help it.  but I am definitely not the girl strutting around the pool deck in heels, or even wedges for that matter.  I'm a flops girl all the way, but these showers were just too good so I had to snap at least a shot or two in my metallic heels.  I figure if they can do it in the mags, I might as well give it a try.  short of almost breaking my neck trying to maneuver around water puddles in 5 inch stilettos, I love the vibe, but I definitely wouldn't suggest you try this at home.  unless you have a stable photographer near by to catch you as you fall.
"life is better by the pool"


little black suit

hola mamacitas!!  i am continuing my love of all things swim in todays poolside post!  like i said on monday, mommy-approved, thirty something swimwear can be a tricky style to tackle.  i know skin is in, but mine sags a little lower than it did in my twenties, so its all about flaunting the assets i still have left!  i don't know what i'll flaunt when the girls go away, but for now, they're the best thing i have going for me.  i love a sleek black suit.  much like the lbd, every woman should own a little black swimsuit.  they're classic, sexy and perfect for lounging poolside.  i love the look of a one-piece with cutoffs, so i slipped in to my current faves and through on this crochet kimono cover-up.  a big floppy hat and a bold lip complete my look, and strappy sandals just in case i need to leave the pool deck.  i seriously could wear this from the grocery store to the beach and everywhere in between, but i also live in a beach town, so its totally normal to prance around in your bikini all day err day.  enjoy your day lovies!!  2 more fun looks are comin at ya later this week, so be sure to check back!
"turn your face towards the sun and the shadows fall behind you"