happy sunday babes!!  i hope y'all had a relaxing weekend!!!  this look is actually what i wore for nye (i know, i'm a little late on the posting, my bad) but, even still, the pleated midi/maxi is one of my favorite trends right now!!!!  and i definitely don't think it has to be reserved for anything all that fancy.  i have worn mine with a graphic tee and sneakers, a button up and a bomber, or, fully layered and chic like today's little ensemble!!


the votes have been tallied and it's officially happening . . . . . greenery is in!! (y'all didn't really think i was gonna get all political, did you?) let's be honest, olive has always been in, but thank you so much, Pantone, for giving it your stamp of approval!  also, giving this sweatshirt 2 (green) thumbs up, is the hubs.  he could not be more enthused that i'm adding more camouflage to the collection.  of course, this doesn't exactly help my argument to the the fact that "realtree" is not a fashion statement you should ever make outside of the deer stand, but at least he cares enough to embarrass me and wear it downtown to all my fancy fashion events.

spoiled + a seriously stellar giveaway!!

you guys!!! today is a very exciting day!! i have teamed up with 3 of my favorite jewelry designers to give one of you a pretty freaking spectacular prize!! and not to fret if you don't win, you can still fully take advantage of some super legit discounts! let's break it down . . .


happy almost friday guys!!!  tonight's post is definitely way more personal than your average for me.  not because i'm divulging any deep dark secrets or anything, i'm just actually in my natural habitat without the crutch of my sunglasses to hide behind.  it's kindof scary, i'm not gonna lie, but here goes nothing.

mav and me

when you shoot an outfit and then totally forget about it until months later . . . yea, that about sums this look up.


new year, same ole me, 3 days late....sorry for the hiatus.  still lovin' all the 90's vibes and really hoping this trend sticks around for at least another season.  of course, i'm always going to be a little grungy because band tees and plaid everything will always be wardrobe staples as far as i'm concerned.  and obviously i have a small affection for anything moto.  it's kind of impossible to not look cool in a moto jacket, which is exactly why i own so many.  i'm not that cool, fyi, i just really like to pretend.