it's our last post with Marks & Spencer, and omg, did Mav really ham it up for this one!!  scroll down for the full blown adorable baby montage.  i seriously tried to edit down, but there were just way too many good ones, so, apologies if kids aint really yo thang.  i think it's safe to say my thing, well, lately at least, is bandanas!  i managed to wear a different one with all 3 outfits, and i only own 4, so that's pretty impressive.  my red one definitely sees the most action, but this black is definitely my fave.  ok, so this last look incorporates so many of the best of the moment trends, each one deserves a little breakdown.  starting from the top, i mean, hats aren't really a trend, but this black floppy packs a ton of style.  my top offers up two great trends; gingham and peplum.  neither of which is something i'm immediately drawn to, yet somehow together, they're like the perfect match.  thirdly, is the flare leg cropped jean.  this is something i'm very in to at the moment.    i love a good flare, but usually they're so long and i never really know what shoes to wear, but with the crop, they just look amazing with everything!!  and it's a refreshing change up from the usual skinny.  and, speaking of shoes, these guys are some real winners.  not only are espadrilles back in a major way, but now they come with my favorite shoe accessory . . . . . laces!!  and, these have the tiniest smidge of a platform, so i;m never gonna be mad about a little help in the height department, mmmkay?!!  lastly, the piece de resistance, THIS BAG!!  ummmmm, can we say obsessed??  i may or may not sleep with it next to my pillow.  ok, i don't, it's on the chair beside my bed, but still.  it's so gorgeous!!!!  and wait til you see the price.  i thought they were joking, but no, it really is only $49.  definitely not mad about that!! thanks for stopping by guys!!  let's chat soon!


Marks & Spencer gingham peplum top c/o
Marks & Spencer wide leg cropped jean c/o
Marks & Spencer lace-up espadrille c/o
Marks & Spencer saddle bag c/o
Marks & Spencer woven hat c/o
tortoise sunnies

on Mavie:
Marks & Spencer button up onesie c/o
high top sneakers

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