how can you not be in a great mood with that adorable little face lookin at ya??  oh my goodness, i just love that big ole smile.  i really kinda think we're done having kids, but then i think i'm really going to miss these days when all they want is to be held by mommy and they just fit so perfectly in my arms and even phoenix is already too cool for me to hug and kiss on him, so, ahh, it's a constant inner struggle.  do any of you guys have kids??  how do you know when you're done??

anyway, that's probably something i'll be debating for the next 10 years, so i'll just enjoy this little monkey while he's still momma's boy.  literally, we are both wearing these exact outfits today, lol, totally a coincidence, although, i guess subconsciously i knew this post was going up tonight so that's probably why i was drawn to them this morning when we got dressed for church.  this is look number 2 with Marks and Spencer and i mean, is this plaid jumper not the cutest thing??  i love anything onesie-ish because it just makes him look more like a baby and less like the little man that he's quickly becoming.  this was the last look we shot, so Mav was extra sweaty and well past nap time, but luckily i have an amazing photographer who managed to get a few good chuckles out of him before he conked out in the stroller.  those tired blue eyes are my favorite thing ever.  

for my look, i guess you could say i had primary colors on the brain, because i somehow managed to rep all 3, and i don't think i even realized it until i started looking back through the pictures.  i started with this midi skirt and initially i was drawn to the long vertical stripes (SLIMMING!!) but then i noticed the wrap style and d-ring waist belt and i was done.  i knew i wanted this lace camisole, because of my latest tee under lingerie obsession, so that was a no brainer when filling up my cart, but once i received my package, i fell in love with the white lace detailing and the mustard yellow was just the pop this skirt needed so i left the tee behind and slung on a denim jacket instead.  the bandana was a last minute addition and one i rarely leave home without and it completed the primary circle!!  i kinda love it, and even though it's just now summer, i think this look can take me straight in to fall.  ok, back to cuddles with my babe.  can't miss out on these sweet baby sugars.  nighty night!


Marks & Spencer lace camisole c/o
Marks & Spencer striped midi skirt c/o
denim jacket

On Mavie:
Marks & Spencer checkered romper c/o
velcro sneakers

this post is in collaboration with Marks & Spencer and Shopping Links.  all opinions are my own.

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