oh hey there friday eve!!  longest week ever is (almost) finally over!!  and i'm totally jump-starting the weekend in the most adorable way possible . . . . Mavster is taking over!!  i always have Mavie with me at events and shoots, so i love it when i actually get to include him in the shots.  he's just so stinkin adorable, don't you think??  it's ok, i know every parent thinks that about their child.  you don't actually have to agree with me.  i feel like Elaine "look at the baby, look at the baby!!"  but, really, look at my baby!!  because Maverick (and i) are sporting some fresh new duds courtesy of Marks & Spencer.   full disclosure, i had never shopped or even heard of the online store until a few weeks ago.  that's one of the wonderful incentives to blogging, you discover new shops and brands on the daily, and every once in a while, you actually fall in love!  this is most definitely one of those times.  M&S is a one stop destination for the entire family and if the styles weren't enticing enough, the price tags are!!  do i need to remind you again how cheap i am??  i cut coupons you guys.  i set phone alerts for sales.  i'm muy el cheapo!!  so, it was so nice to discover this site and find so many looks that i love that are wash and wear and don't leave me bribing the ups man to leave the package around back so the hubs won't see.  does anyone else do that??  i'm a "leave no evidence" kinda gal.  i never walk in the door with anything other than a grocery store bag.  and usually i ask for paper, just because it's easier to hide clothes under the box of cereal when the bag isn't see through.  #bible  don't judge me.  ok, so anyways, the point is, when the husband finally does notice that i'm wearing something new, and the "this old thang?" line doesn't work, it's not so bad to say, "this dress?  you like it?  it only cost $33!!"  because it actually did only cost 33 bucks and it wasn't even on sale.  that's just the price!!  yea, i told you i liked this store.  and mav's little number was pretty on point in the price department as well.  so the next 3 posts are all about that mommy and mini chic summer style, starting with this crinkle maxi x striped jumper!!  as far as styling, i'm still on that tee under tank kick and followed suit with Monday's post by layering this dress over a great basic white tee.  sneaks are always the name of my game, but especially with a breezy dress like this.  and you may have noticed by now, but my neck is almost never without a bandana and i needed a lil pop o navy to coordinate my look with my mini.  and, yea, he likes to steal my starbucks, but i promise you, the cup was empty.  no baby was caffeinated during this shoot.  


Marks & Spencer crinkle effect maxi dress c/o
basic white tee
denim jacket
Marks & Spencer no show socks c/o

on Mavie:
Marks & Spencer striped all in one c/o

this post is in partnership with Marks & Spencer and Shopping Links.  All opinions are my own.

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