ok, i know y'all know i love me some layers (especially a la the nineties) so today's look is all about that millennial meets clueless meets girl on a budget spring style.
 the tee over tank trend is fastly becoming one of my fave comebacks of the season. it's chic and sophisticated and conservative and sexy and totally easy to master!  i mean, what's to master, really?  you just take a basic tee and layer a lingerie-esque camisole or chemise over top.  easy peazy, no?  I stepped it up a small notch and swapped out the basic tee for this white lace version, but the concept is still the same.  and, because I'm an addict and I seriously can't help myself, I had to throw on just 1 more layer.  it's 100 degrees outside, but hey!, sweat stains are a good look, right?  thank goodness that lace tee has armpit air vents.
Ok, my top half is great and all, but the bottom half is really where the party gets started.  "vintage" (and I use the term loosely) levi's have definitely taken over the bottom half of everything.  from street style to runway to all your mall faves, everyone is definitely on the Levi's bandwagon, but unfortunately the really cool ones usually come at a hefty price.   I may or may not have admitted this a time or ten, but I'm muy el cheapo!!  it's not a cute look, I know, but kids kinda suck the life out of my wardrobe fund, so sometimes I just have to get creative.  This pair is one of my recent goodwill scores and easily my favorite because of the uneven hem and holey knees.  Plus, they give me major momgina which is major #lifegoals.  They're no "Leandra" but a girl can pretend.  and yes, girl, I am totally stealin' your vibe and suckin up at the same time, because you reign supreme!  did I lose you guys?  If you've been living under a rock and haven't heard of The Man Repeller, she's only THE fashion blogger.  If there's a rule to be broken or a boundary to crush, I'm pretty sure she ate it for breakfast.  So, I'm not like a total single white female or anything, but we're definitely at a stage 5 girl crush, bordering on stalker slash we're best friends and she just doesn't know it yet status.  she loves me.  well, maybe not, but i do love her and that is why i chose to submit to this years H&M x Bloglovin' Breakthrough Blogger Awards.  i'm not entirely sure what exactly qualifies you as a "breakthrough" blogger, but i do know you get a mentorship under miss medine herself, so assuming she hasn't already filed the restraining order, fingers crossed homegirl picks me!!  i'll keep you posted.  in the meantime, enjoy the week ahead!!



H&M lace camisole
H&M long vest
Levi's vintage crop
Charlotte Russe fringe sandals
Marks & Spencer cross body
Sunglass Spot reflective frames
Moon & Lola "boss" nameplate
Gorjana lariat

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