Good Morning Lovies!!  How was your weekend, are you feeling refreshed??  unfortunately, all my poolside plans were drowned by that tiny little tropical storm that hit our yard.  on the plus side, the boys were able to utilize the massive puddles for a lil redneck "muddin".  it's pretty much Nix's favorite past time.  u've never seen a toddler so excited for some rain.  i decided to sit my butt up in bed with some Bravo in the background and finally sort that pile of socks thats been haunting me since december.  it was very therapeutic, lemme tell ya.

so, today we're veering off the norm and chatting a little bit about my daily routines.  i'm fairly basic when it comes to maintenance.  i rarely have time to shower much less groom and contour, so my mornings usually include the bare minimum.  drink my coffee, brush my teeth, lather and rinse.  makeup isn't always an option, or a necessity, but i do make sure to wash and moisturize my skin, ALWAYS!!!  i have combination dry/sensitive skin, so if nothing else, a fresh face always leaves me feeling clean.  ok, so here we go, insert generic product review here!  don't you hate those?  i got this for free, i love it so much, i use it everyday!  i did receive this Evian facial spray for free, it is a pretty cool concept, and i have been using it everyday, but only so that i can give you my honest to goodness review.  considering the aforementioned dry skin, i am always down to try a new form of moisturizer, and this spray truly doesn't disappoint.  for starters, it comes in a purse size aerosol spray can, which is pretty awesome slash slightly scary.  i love the fact that it's a spray so that i don't have to find something to wash my hands afterward, or worry that my hands aren't clean enough to apply it in the first place, but kind of intimidating to spray such a forcible mist onto your face.  it definitely takes some getting used to.  second up is the quality of product itself and if it actually does what it promises.  the bottle boasts that this product will moisturize, refresh and tone.  the initial mist feels nice and refreshing, with no aroma what so ever, which in my opinion is a plus!  once it settles, i would say that yes, my skin does feel moisturized.  i haven't necessarily noticed any tonage, but what exactly is that anyway?  i will say, after a sweaty runaround with the kids in this crazy humid carolina weather, a quick once over really does the trick to bring my face back down to normalcy.  lastly, would i buy this product myself?  i'm gonna give it a maybe.  i have been enjoying it, but i haven't decided yet if it's a "must have".  give me another week, once i've used up the can, and i'll let you know if i'm ready to snag another.

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