Hey Babes!!  Did everyone enjoy the long weekend??  Clearly i enjoyed it a bit too much, because here it's already Wednesday evening, and i have yet to accomplish anything.  seriously though, how does anyone get any work done when it's 90 degrees outside?  i know it's not officially summer, but . it feels like summer and it smells like summer, and in like 10 days it will be summer, so i'm LOVING it!! (in case you couldn't tell by that giant grin on my face)

my current spring/summer obsession, is all the flowers!!  i have bought or plucked (country living benefits) so many bundles of flowers, and it's getting a touch out of hand, but i just can't seem to resist!  the tulips are in, the roses are fresh cut, the hydrangeas are taking over the yard and i have bouquets and vases in every room of the house, so, it's no surprise my obsession would run over into my wardrobe.  actually, i've never really been the feminine type, so florals are quite the rarity in my closet, but i have to say, i am really loving the fresh flirty vibe!!  today's look comes from Banana Republic and in honor of my first ever floral dress, i thought i'd style it up 2 ways!!  since we're in the south, it's more of a wear always, than a wear now/wear later, but, for the sake of logistics, we'll call this first look "SUMMER FUN".  ok, so first, let's just break down this dress shall we??  i wanna call it peasant-ish??  it's got that bohemian vibe to it with the tie neck and the ruched waist and my favorite part, the tassels!!  anything with tassels is a winner in my book.  plus, the fit is pretty super comfy, which is also a giant plus in my book!!  so, what screams summer more than a bike ride around town with a basket full of sunflowers?  well, that question is actually rhetorical, because, i can't really think of something more summery or fun for that matter.  try and ride a bike without smiling i dare you!!  it's literally impossible!!  i can hardly even ride a bike and i could not stop laughing, it was amazing!!  so, with summer on my mind, i paired this pretty lil print with some funky sneaks and a vintage woven tote.  i just love the breezy effortlessness of this entire look.  it's very much not something i've ever worn before, but i'm totally in love and i'm never taking it off.  ok, i'll take it off, but only to wash it and so i can wear it all the way into fall for this second look that we'll just call "FALLIN FOR FLORALS"  this time around is styled just the way i like it.  what can i say, i'm a creature of habit.  denim jackets and bandanas seem to be my go-to M.O and they really do give you that instant "cool girl" vibe that i'm always so desperately trying to achieve, so i grabbed my darkest denim jacket and a great pair of booties to carry me right on through to those ever so frigid 60 degree Fall's.  and, no shocker here, t caught me snapping, because i'm addicted!!!  are you guys following me?  <username: misstarabelle>  i love that whole "behind the scenes" thing, so i hardcore stalk all my favorite bloggers to see what a real day in the life looks like.  it's the best reality show ever!  thanks for stopping by, now go outside and enjoy this gorgeous weather!!



Banana Republic floral long sleeve dress c/o

                          this post is in partnership with Banana Republic, all opinions expressed are my own

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