happy sunday babes!!!!  i am so excited, because 1: i get to sleep in tomorrow and enjoy that extra long weekend and 2.  i am switching it up on the blog with something fresh!!!  tonight, it's all about that 5 minute face.  i am that girl putting on her mascara at the stoplight and using my phone to slap on some lipstick.  i am always in a rush and rarely take the time to put on a full face, so i do the optimal bare minimum.  concealer, bronzer, brows, mascara and lipstck.  and i literally do them all while i wait in the carpool lane.  so, i've teamed up with Clarins to show you my on-the-go flawless face.  step 1: conceal!!!!  using the brush-on perfector, i brush a stroke under my eyes, down my nose, under my cheekbones and in between my brows and then blend.  step 2: bronze! and if you have the time, highlight!  using the face contour palette, i bronze my cheekbones, hair line and jaw line and then highlight the tip of my nose, above my cheekbones, the middle of my forehead and the top of my lip.  step 3: eyes!!  ok, so depending on how much time i have, bare minimum is just mascara and the supra volume mascara is super legit for a one stroke blast of volume.  i literally have no eyelashes and the few i do are blonde, so you will NEVER catch me outside of my house without mascara.  if i have an extra second, i love a tiny swipe of eyeliner and the all-in-one pen is way too fun not to play around with, so i do a tiny wing with the black and a little dab of blue underneath for extra pop.  step 4:  brows!  and you can use the pen for this too!!!  idk if it's actually meant to be a brow pencil, but i don't see why it's any different.  the brown is perfect for framing my face!  step 5: lippies!  this is my favorite!  much like mascara, lips are an absolute must for me.  even if it's just balm.  i can't stand to have dry lips.  using the pencil again, i line my lips with the beige and swipe on a healthy portion of the natural lip perfecter.  there you have it, flawless in a flash!!!!!  and it lasts!!  trust me, i put it to the test :)


special thanks to Clarins for partnering with me on this post!

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