happy sunday friends!!!  i think it's safe to say i have a small obsession with Clarins by now, so i'm excited to share with you guys my newest beauty crush.  lips are always my numero uno.  i never leave the house without SOMETHING on my lips.  sunglasses can pretty much cover everything else, but your lips leave a lasting impression so by all means, don't get caught in the nude.  these lip oils have been topping off all my sticks as of late.  especially the candy shade, i'm hardcore loving on her.  so, obvi you can wear these guys alone, but i'm a bit of a layerer.  (as if you already didn't know)  whether it comes to my outfits or my makeup, i believe that layering is the easiest way to make any look your own.  so to get that perfect pink pout or add a little pop to my nude, i have been layering on the candy and if i want a little extra glitter and a gold tone, the honey glam does just that.  lots of glam with a little taste of honey.  not to mention, the applicator tip is pretty plush and smooths your lips to perfection.  so cheers to another item that's always in my bag.



special thanks to clarins for partnering with me on this post.  all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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