mom bod

sometimes I like to work out, ok so not really, but sometimes. well more like never, but like I said, sometimes.  I used to be borderline obsessive about working out and ran like 6 miles a day plus hit up the gym 5+ times a week.  it was a tad over excessive.  I would love to say I got burnt out, but truthfully, i just got lazy.  the thought of going to the gym bores me and with this heat, running is totally out of the question.  so, nowadays, i'm rockin what i like to call, the "mom bod".  its basically skinny fat.  genetics blessed me with a thin frame, but my sedentary life style has me lookin all too saggy, so i finally gave in and decided it was time to kick my butt in gear, and i've pretty much hated every minute of it thus far.  step 1 to fitness motivation: cute new clothes!!  priorities, right??  thanks to Marika, i scored some cute new duds, including these pants that sport a tummy control waist band which is definitely something i need after carrying 3 children.  plus, i mean, who doesn't love a printed pant?  anything is better than the boring black everyone and their mother is selling, give me color!!  step 2.  find a workout plan that works for you:  this is the hardest task for me.  like i said, nothing about working out gets me excited, so i did some research to find the best bang for my buck without ever having to step foot in a gym.  enter in Kayla Itsines!  i started and then restarted her plan after vacation pushed me off the wagon.  so, i just restarted week 1 after barely making it to week 3, but i am honestly loving the results, which is the only motivation keeping me on board.  step 3.  stay hydrated!!  fitness freak or not, water is important!  and aside from the gallons of coffee i drink, water is my beverage of choice.  fortunately for me, Swell can be used for both!  and the bottle just so happens to match my sneakers, which aren't actually mine, bc i stole them from my gf and then she stole them back, bummer right?  nbd, im totally stealing her style and ordering a pair of my own because this color combo is perfection.  so whether you're a fitness freak, or a wannabe like me, looking cute is the ultimate goal, am i right??  good luck lovies!!
"you don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great" 
pant c/o Marika
neon sneakers New Balance
lucite sunnies Forever 21

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