Shag Queen

scrolling through my insta, it seems as though I've been on a fancy feminine kick lately.  i do occasionally like to pretend im a "lady", but if you know me, you know that's not really the case.  i'm not sailor status; I don't curse, i'm just a bit loose with my tongue, and my yankee sass tends to dominate most conversations.  its a blessing and a curse I suppose, the blessing being; you always know what im thinking which makes me blatantly honest, the curse being; you always know what im thinking because im blatantly honest!!  im working on it guys, bare with me!!  so anyways, im so happy to be back in my leopard skin today and embracing my rocker roots.  this is how i want to dress everyday!  basically all my favorite elements are covered; leather (faux of course), leopard, band tee, bed head, fringe and even though its not fur, it might as well be!  don't be shocked if you see this on repeat!  so starting with this shag sweater, i mean . . . . . do i need to elaborate?  it's a massive fluff ball of fabulousness and i'm obsessed!!!  i paired it with my basic uniform (graphic tee, skinnies, booties, sunnies) and channeled my inner Penny Lane. 
hope y'all have a happy hump day!!
"being happy doesn't mean that everything is perfect, it simply means that you have decided to look beyond the imperfections"
acdc tee Forever 21 // leggings Forever 21 // fringe sweater stylexchange //
booties Betsey Johnson // bag TJMaxx // sunnies Ray-Ban

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