barbie girl

obviously I have a serious love of all things leopard, I don't think i've ever met a print I didn't like, and these snow leopard trousers are no exception.  beyond the fact that they're my favorite color, they're insanely comfortable, like never want to take them off comfortable!  and incredibly cute!  I guess i've been in a bit of a black and white mood lately. Per Mondays post, and I'm currently wearing the combo again today. I do love the clean look the 2 provide, but you know I gotta break it up with a pop or 2 of color, so pink was my poison for this look. I love these graphics from forever, and being the blondie that I am, I couldn't pass up this Barbie print. I added a bit more pink with my sunnies and clutch and slung my 2 tone leather over my shoulders. 
"nobody is perfect, that's why pencils have erasers"

tank Forever 21 // jacket Forever 21 // leopard trouser c/o The Minted Exchange // heels ShoeMint // clutch Marshalls // sunnies MinkPink // earrings JewelMint

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