you guys .. . . . . remember this dress from my ig story??  well, i'm finally getting around to posting it, and all i can say to you is, ya gonna want this dress ASAP!!!!!  i wanted it the second i walked in Tres Carmen, well this and like 10 other things, but as soon as i slipped it on, i was like, done, mine, never taking it off!!!  so, first of all, it feels like buttah.  chenille, sweatery, slouchy buttah.  i wanna sleep in it and snuggle in it and basically just wear it everyday.  i wish i had a fireplace because i envision hot chocolate and fresh logs and my hunny bunny by my side (because he's in love with this dress too;))  it sounds heavenly, don't you think??  i guess i'll have to settle for cuddles on the couch and fake fires on the tv, but at least i can have extra marshmallows in my cocoa!!  so clearly, my preferred way to wear this dress is at home with my ugg boots (yes i own those) but since that's not exactly real world appropriate, i styled it with my favorite fall must haves; the leather moto and otk boots. i am always excited for cooler temps so i can bust these bad boys out.  i probably wear this jacket far too often, but it is my fave!!  i'm currently on the hunt for a second style so my daily ootd's don't get so repetitive, but until then, u'll probably get sick of seeing this one.  so anyway, back to this dress, i'm obsessed, i'm not sure how much more i can elaborate on that point, so in case you didn't hear me the first time, OBSESSED!!  and, i mean, duh, i have a small thing for everything Taxidermy, so it shouldn't be very surprising that i have found yet another bag that i love.  too bad this guy was just a loaner, but it made this entire outfit feel so holiday party perfect, that i have added it to my wishlist.  happy humpday babes!  thanks for stopping by!!


FREE PEOPLE chenille sweater dress c/o TRES CARMEN (call to order)
TAXIDERMY hand painted micro mackie c/o