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happy friday babes!!!!  i'm taking a quick break from all things taxidermy to bring you a little night on the town inspiration!!!!  y'all know i'm a no fuss makeup kinda gal.  sunglasses usually cover half of my face anyways, but i do (occasionally) go for the full blown glam treatment.  especially for a night out, because, even though i try, sunglasses are not exactly socially acceptable indoors after 8pm (go figure).  my fave makeup spot (truly the only one i go to) in Charleston is Cos Bar.  they carry all the best lines and every artist is super informative, plus their playlist is always on point.  you may remember my first in store experience last year.  clearly, alot has changed since then!!  and Tuesday i got to sit in the chair of the one and only Miss Lisa Priscilla!!  so, true story, i met this beauty almost 10 years ago!! on set of a bikini shoot (don't judge me) at Isle of Palms.  yea, back in the day, i dabbled a smidge in "modeling".  i use quotations, because, let's be honest, i'm no model.  i would call it housewife boredom more than anything and it was very short lived, but i did get to meet this talented lady, and it was so awesome to meet again!!!!  Lisa was the first person to ever introduce me to brow pencils and contouring.  and obviously, i haven't turned back since.  i mean, how does anyone NOT draw in their brows???  it's a total game changer, especially as a blonde!  showing up totally fresh faced is not exactly something i am fond of, but Ms. Lisa gave me the entire "Armani Experience" making my embarrassment at the starbucks drive through totally worth it!!  sorry to say, their will be no before images.  i made a point to have Terrence show up 30 minutes in to avoid any of those zombie shots.  sans makeup, i am pasty pale, full blown freckle faced and my eyes are heavy and tired 95% of the time, so i rarely leave the house without at least a little under eye cream and some bronzer.  and always lipstick!!  i am on my death bead if you see me without lipstick.  i have listed the entire process below and it's definitely a little more than bb cream, but wow, what a difference!!  i'm not sure my skin has ever looked so bright!  and Cos Bar always knows how to make these baby blues pop.  (a trick i have yet to perfect)
sadly, i have a full day of Christmas shopping planned for tomorrow, but if you are in town, stop by for touchups and celebrity trends and meet Mr. Tim Quinn (aka Armani's Face Designer) from 10-5!!  seriously you guys, his celebrity clientele is longer than my grocery list.  Gwen Stefani and SJP just to name a few.  i kinda wanna shake his hand just so i can feel a little closer my ulitimate fashion icon.  i mean, what is that, 1 degree of separation??  so we're basically best friends.  hey girl hey!!!

have a great weekend!!



MUA Lisa Priscilla

makeup application in this order:
eye serum
reviving cream
brow precision pencil (in copal)
eye & brow maestro (in 3-red)
eyeshadow (crease in 4)
mascara (in 3 brown)
master corrector (in 2)
luminous silk foundation (all over face in 5.5)
luminous silk foundation (countour in 4)
fluid sheer (bronzer in 12)
fluid sheer (highlight in 7)
powder blush (cheekbones in 200)
powder blush (apples in 306)
lip liner (in 8)
lip maestro (in red blood)