surely that smile has nothing to do with the fact that tomorrow is Monday.  more so to do with the fact that this election is behind us, thanksgiving is a week away, and the radio has started playing all Christmas all the time!!!!  oh and NBD, but, the red cup is BACK!!!!!  y'all know i drove all the way to charleston just to snag one, and then i stole my gf's as well and i went back again yesterday, so i totally plan on collecting them all.  don't judge me, this is total normal basic white girl behavior!
 also, totally normal, sitting on the curb in heels and a very fancy bag.  sure, it's not a conventional pose, but, i mean, standing is so overrated, am i right??  only 1 more look in my taxidermy x maris dehart collab, and i may have saved my fave for last (check back tomorrow) but tonight is all about jewel tones!!  normally, i stick to one pop of color, but in this instance, multiples seemed necessary because this burgundy and turquoise were made for each other!!!  and this navy blue blouse is beautifully feminine top i've ever owned.  you can hardly tell, but i was wearing it in yesterday's ootd as well.  it is such a great neutral and i love to dress down something so pretty.  also, in case you hadn't noticed yet, we were going for this whole "monochromatic" theme where every bag matches the background in some sort of way.  gray or white or the occasional black are more my fortay, but i might just be a colored wall convert, because this purple wall turned out to be pretty freakin awesome!!!!  hope y'all enjoyed your weekend, have a great night!!



TAXIDERMY burgandy midi mackie tote c/o
DO + BE navy asymmetrical top c/o MARIS DEHART (call to order (843) 693-6139 )
striped faux fur jacket c/o MARIS DEHART
CATIE CURRAN beetle wing necklace c/o MARIS DEHART
rings c/o MARIS DEHART