if this pink wall isn't putting a smile on your monday face, than i don't know what will!  and if not, just know that there are only like 2 more hours until its officially tuesday, so, that's good right??  is monday not just like the dirtiest curse word in the english language??  i used to be that freak that loved monday, but now that i have 2 kids in school and i'm forced to leave my warm bed at ungodly hours of the morning, i'm not such a fan of this whole monday thing.  anyway, let's think happy almost friday thoughts . . . . . tonight marks my final monochrome collab with Taxidermy and i feel like i definitely saved the best for last!!!  actually, this was the first look we shot and it set the tone for the rest, but none hit the spot quite like this blush wall on pink velvet on rosegold python!!  i am so in love with the way the metallic pulls through this bag!!  typically i gravitate towards the natural python bags (blame it on my love of non color colors), but i will always have a soft spot for pink.  pairing this look was pretty easy, because i actually came in wearing these jeans (that are my new faves . . . from goodwill ... shhh) and tee and i knew within seconds this bomber was going to be mine!!  so i  switched out my sneaks for strappy heels and loaded up on jewels!!!  and speaking of, this is something Maris Dehart knows a thing or 2 about.  the girl has the most perfectly curated collection of designer jewelry i've ever seen!!  i have a hankering for the weird and unusual so anything that doesn't look like everything all the other stores are carrying (so annoying, am i right?) has me sold!  Naked Eye is always a favorite of mine and this chain is pretty perfect for everyday!!  and yes, i realize i'm a super blonde white girl from the suburbs, but i just really like big chains, kay?  also, my upfront apologies if you see me wearing this outfit once a week every week until spring.  it's basically my new uniform. 



TAXIDERMY rose gold ashford satchel c/o
NAKED EYES silver/brass chain c/o MARIS DEHART (call to order(843) 693-6139 )
NAKED EYES mixed metals ring set c/o MARIS DEHART
ENGLISH FACTORY double layer bomber c/o MARIS DEHART