happy thanksgiving babes!!!!  i hope you're all knuckles deep in turkey and pumpkin pie by now!  we are officially starting the never ending feast at noon and i am sure to be stuffing my face until the new year!!  holiday desserts are the best thing ever!!!!!!!!  so, speaking of holidays, i know tomorrow is kindof a big one for all my shopping comrades, so check back tonight around midnight when i post everything i will be shopping for tomorrow!!  and if you can't wait til then, you can shop this romper (and everything else at TOBI) for 50% off!!

many of you may remember this romper from a few weeks ago when i hosted a lil mini mani party at moon and lola with paint bar nails.  it was the perfect outfit for the occasion!!  festive, flirty, and full of room for all the cupcakes and sparkling pink ginger ale (yes, that's a thing).  y'all know i stuffed my face til i was on a major sugar high and then went out for mini burgers and deviled eggs after.  did i mention how much i like to eat?  i'm a sucker for finger foods.  and coffee.  and sweets.  thank goodness i have 3 youngins to chase after and keep me fit(ish).  ok, so anyway, let's talk velvet!  it's the trend of the season, (as if you didn't already know), and i can't stop buying it!!  from boots, to chokers, to dresses and camis and blazers and everything in between, there is really no wrong way to wear the trend.  this crushed purple is so yummy, i plan on wearing it all through the holiday season!!  full disclosure, i had to use some serious packing tape to smash my little bubbies into this thing.  they're small but they're saggy, so they needed a little extra help and double sided tape just wasn't doing the trick.  lots of dainty little gems (c/o m&l, duh!) finished the look and an extra sparkly mani thanks to paint bar!  fingers crossed they make their way to charleston, because that was just way to fun!!!  and that gel mani is legit!!  who knew you could go a whole 2 weeks without chipping a nail?

happy happy turkey day love bugs!!!  thanks again for stopping by!



TOBI kingston wrap romper c/o