we made it!  it's friday!!!!  you guys, i probably say this every week, but this has been one heck of a week.  and we leave for birmingham tomorrow and SHOCKER!  i haven't even finished laundry much less started to pack.  i am however, 1 trenti latte in and feeling like today is gonna be a productive one (pray for me!)  so far so good, i got the older 2 to school (late) and grabbed the paper, put on clothes.  and now i'm talking to you!!!  and today's post is a good one you guys!  i'm sure most of you have heard about TOBI but if you haven't you are missing out!!!!  the prices are always on point and the selection is pretty freakin major!!!!  the trendiest items that i always want, but can't afford.  TOBI's got em!!  today is look #1 of 4!!  and since it's friday and all, i thought i'd kick it off with a little night on the town inspiration!  truth, bodycon is not really my go to, i mean, i've had 3 kids, but, the tulip hem was too good to pass up, so i thought i'd give it a whirl.  i have to say, i was feelin pretty good about it and the color could not be more perfect!  i kind of have a thing for this mauvey brownish shade that has been popping up everywhere (thank you kim k)  so, for a night out, i always think; good hair, cute bag, strappy heels and big bold lippy.  done and done!!  and hubby approved i might add ;)  hope y'all have a great weekend!!!!



TOBI "there she goes" bodycon dress c/o