work werk blah blah work.  ugh, the word itself is depressing.  much like "monday"  but at least it's gonna be a super short work week and then we can all stuff our faces until the new year!!  but for today, i'm sad to say, it's back to work and i'm hoping to bring you a little monday office inspiration!
 last time i teamed up with Banana Republic, it was all about the TROUSER PANT (read original post HERE).  pants are easy to make work appropriate, but dresses on the other hand, can get a lil tricky.  most really depends on your figure and then the fit of the dress and lastly the styling.  generally, i would say bodycon is pretty much out of the question, so i would suggest you don't don friday's dress to your monday morning meeting. no judgment if you do, i'm just thinking it might be a little distracting.  also out is the maxi.  while i love the style and it certainly hits the conservative mark, it doesn't exactly emulate professionalism.  the ultimate office dress should hit at the knee, or a little below (think midi) and cover you up just enough to keep em guessing.  i love a great wrap dress for really any occasion, and this watercolor print hits the office mark.  it's flattering, feminine and versatile!!  i for one think a leather jacket is appropriate for any setting, but perhaps it's not the perfect office topper.  what do i know really?  my office is the kitchen table and i usually show up in pajamas.  a classic blazer or cardigan sweater would probably be your best bet, but i also think this dress is just as perfect all by itself.  also a little more office appropriate is the sensible pump, but i don't actually own a pair of those, so i just styled this dress for my ultimate meeting room, the cocktail club!  preferably the kind that serve lattes since i don't actually drink, and include lots of inappropriate adult conversation with my best gals about absolutely nothing work related.  so cheers to breaking all the rules and dressing outside of the "appropriate box"  happy monday!!


BANANA REPUBLIC watercolor wrap dress c/o
BANANA REPUBLIC double zip crossbody c/o