happy tuesday party people!!!  ok i know, tuesdays isn't exactly a day to celebrate, but i'm already in full blown celebration mode, because the Taxidermy POP-UP shop has landed and the party kicks off this Thursday!!! y'all know i love me some Taxidermy, so, i've already been by the shop maybe 4 times??  i've already lost count, but it looks AMAZING!!!  and i basically want/need everything inside.  did you catch that white python moto vest last week??  uhh, dead.  i'm jacking that sucker for sure!!  so, in honor of the new shop, this week is officially Taxidermy Takeover Time!!  sorry (not sorry) but you know i just couldn't help myself.  so here we go, look numero uno, all about this big ole black and yellow python tote!!  i'm probably a lil bias, being a stiller fan and all, but this yellow is like the most amazingly perfect shade of taxi cab!!  and again, seeing as i'm a burgher and all (that and i just love black) i styled it with this "in the city"/ "office chic" ots midi dress from Maris Dehart!  ps. their shop is right next door, so you can snatch all the bags and then find killer outfits to match ;)  ok, i think i've dropped taxidermy's name enough time's for one post, but i just really love this chick!  and no, this post is not sponsored or paid for. hope you love the look!  check back tomorrow for more!!


TAXIDERMY mackie tote c/o

CLOTHING C/O MARIS DEHART: call 843-974-5712 to order
A.M.T. clothing ots stripe dress
ELLIA WANG two tone earrings
KRISTALIZE wrap bracelet/necklace