it is with a heavy heart that i type this post today.  on one hand, i am thrilled to have this election behind us, but on the other, i am saddened by the intolerance of so many of my friends and family.  i think that regardless of the outcome, and whether your candidate won or lost, we need to band together as a nation.  i am proud to be an American and while we don't always have to agree with our leader, we need to stand behind him, UNITED!!  i feel like i have so much to say on the topic, but surely my opinions differ than so many of yours and i hate to have them fall on deaf ears, so let us all just agree to love and respect each other, mmkay??

in other news, i am so excited to get back to the superficial world of fashion because this election was seriously straining to say the least.  and in honor of our new journey, i celebrate my patriotism with a little presidential python!  and red, white and blue is seriously one of the most beautiful color combos, so i will never tire of pairing the 3 together (them and a healthy dose of black of course!)  look number 3 with Taxidermy x Maris Dehart is all about dem baby blues and all the stripes on stripes on stripes!!!  for starters, i'm in love with this dress and its feminine fit and edgy details.  that and the fact that it doesn't require you to skip lunch or even wear a bra.  (both equally important factors ;))  and secondly, i am still dying over the stripe collection, so i paired it with last weeks opposite, the baby blue stripe!  would this not be the most perfect diaper bag if i just so happened to decide to have another??  blue for boy or pink for girl!!  or just both for me, baby or no baby.  chances are there's no new baby in my future, but i just thought i'd throw it out there.  
let's all have a happy and blessed day, shall we???  there's no more election drama and it's almost the weekend and friday is a holiday, so SMILE!!!!!  (like you mean it, please)  



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