ahhh, only took me 6 days into the new year to finally get a post live!  we have basically been hibernating since Christmas, which is fun and all, but I’m kind of ready to get back to reality.  Like, a trip to target sounds AMAZING about now!  omg, and a Starbucks latte!!!!!!!!  yum, I could so go for a venti about now!  why does someone else making it just taste so much better than what you brew at home?  I have the syrup, the espresso, the almond milk....still, nothing tastes as good as that first sip from a barista.  Ok, so luckily, we’re escaping Charleston and heading north this afternoon which means we will no doubt pass my fave little coffee shop and you best believe I’m gonna make the hubs whip through that drive thru line!!  And I’m sure I can find some reason that Ill be needing to do a lap around target.  I probably forgot to pack wipes or snacks or toothbrushes...surely something slipped my mind ;) 
So since the WiFi is still down, I downloaded the blogger app and decided to dedicate this little road trip to “working”.  Fingers crossed it shows up as good as it would from my laptop.  I’m not super app savvy.  Good thing I don’t do social media for a living, right?!!  
I wore this look a few weeks back when I was desperately wishing I could be somewhere a little more French.  Like, with baguettes and cafe music and that ever so enticing accent. I would undoubtedly stick out like a sore thumb, but whatever, at least I’d have my beret.  Ugh, I need to travel more.  What locations are on your bucket list?  Let me know in the comments!   And happy Saturday love bugs 😘


party perfect

happiest happy thursday lovebugs!!!!  the holiday festivities are in full effect and i am counting down the days til the finale party of 2017!  any excuse to wear all the glitter and gold, right?  so, with so many parties already come and gone, i have officially perfected my holiday face and ok, it's basically just my everyday face but i've added an extra bold pop of the lip.


we made it to hump day friends!!!  i am so in love with today's look i can't stand it and i only wish i hadn't already worn it in front of everyone i know, because i really want to wear it again and again!!!


wow, ok yea, so it's been a minute . . . and not the new york kind.  how mom's work full time jobs i'll never know.  i can barely manage to get the kids to school on time, much less tidy the house, cook a meal, type a blog post . . . i'm exhausted honestly


happy friday love muffins!!  i hope you all had an amazing week and i know y'all have got to be ready for this extra long weekend!!  i feel like i've been in a funk since mexico and my dry whit has escaped me, so i apologize if i'm not exactly spry.  i signed up for another juice cleanse so hopefully that'll get my brain (and my butt) back in gear.  just don't bother talking to me tuesday thru thursday because starvation is not a cute look on me.  i'm ravenous and irritated and everyone's food photos on ig stories have me in a full blown rage and i haven't even started yet, so i'm thinking this is going to be a breeze......don't psych me out, i'm totally committed!