mock turtles and mini skirts FTW, am i right??  actually, i wore a tank top and mom jeans today, but if i hadn't been running around target with munchkins, i would've totally worn this outfit today, because it was beautiful outside!!!  and i have a fresh spray tan and i live for any excuse to wear a turtleneck, because i'm obsessed with this little faux bob effect that it has on my hair :))  and this blush pink is probably my all time favorite color, because, yes, i am a girl at heart.  don't let all my leather and band tees fool you, i'm a super feminine and romantic.  ok, scratch that, i'm lying, i'm not at all romantic, i just pretend to be.  i'm more of a dude in a chicks body, but i do really love this shade of pink.  maybe it's because i always dreamed of being a ballerina.  or maybe it's because i knew i would never be one, lol.  truthfully it's just because i find it ironic to wear such a pretty color and i'm a sucker for blonde and blush.  ok, sorry, i'm sure y'all just love it when i work through my outfits like a therapy session.  so anyways, blonde and blush, its a good look in my book!!  and, the bell sleeves and mock neck on this guy give me all kinds of girly feels.  since i'm still in fall mode, i paired it with this suede mini and i don't know about you guys, but i am so glad this button up trend is sticking around!!  (check out other ways i've styled it here and here)  i really tried to keep the whole look monochromatic-ish, i mean not really, but at least within the same family of color.  so this pretty legit gold backpack sealed the deal and kind of has me feeling like a college girl, even though i haven't been that age in over a decade (oops)  but whatever, its adorable and it's totally mom approved!!!  enjoy your day babes!!



TOBI benson turtleneck sweater c/o
WILD BLUE DENIM suede mini c/o
HENRI BENDEL west 57th backpack c/o