product of the 90s

I may have been born in the 80's, but I grew up in the 90's and its pretty funny to see the trends come back around.  remember when grunge was all the rave?  and doc martins were like the coolest boots ever??  i don't know how far I've come, because I still have an overabundance of plaid and chunky boots will always be cool in my book!  so of course, when I saw this tee, I just had to snatch it!  the big block lettering and football sleeve are so on point and I don't need much of an excuse to embrace my inner "clueless" and take it back to the good old days.  if you lived it, or have ever seen the movie (who hasn't?) you know that layers are a must!  and while they might not have been "coat-slinging" in my day, we were definitely tying one on for added grunge appeal.  I paired this look with a chunky peek-a-bootie to keep in the vibe and some oversized sunnies, which are potentially more from the 60's era, but who's checking?  all in all, i feel like the bad girl skipping class to hang out behind the bleachers!  leather has a way of making me overly confident and way cooler than I actually am, but a girl can pretend, right?
 "oh yes, the past can hurt, but you can either run from it, or learn from it"

tee MinkPink via House of Sage // jacket American Eagle // plaid Joe's Jeans // skirt Vintage //
booties ShoeMint // sunnies Fantaseyes