in the buff

Happy New Years EVE!!!!!!
i hope you all have incredibly fabulous plans, because i totally plan on living vicariously through them.  i for one, will most likely be sound asleep hours before the countdown begins, but you know #mommyproblems.  should i actually have somewhere fabulous to go, this would be my look du jour.  i know everyone thinks of the new year as a time to sparkle and shine, ie: throw some glitter on it, but sometimes i think a little bling goes a long way.  don't get me wrong, i love a sequin mini as much as the next girl, but with risk of showing up in the same dress, i opt for separates on occasions such as these.  and the best part?  i saved my $$ and shopped my own closet!!  that's the thing about dresses, once you've worn it, its done, its been seen.  sure you can style it with a new shrug or switch up your heels, but the options are limited.  with separates, you can mix and match and change it up a million different ways and no one will be the wiser, it can always be fresh and new!  so cheers to the NEW!!  year that is!!  may it be the best one yet!!!
"we cannot start over, but we can begin now, and make a new ending"

lace tee + midi skirt via styleXchange // shag queen sweater NastyGal
necklace BaubleBar // clutch TJMaxx // booties ShoeMint // sunnies MinkPink via House of Sage