totally clueless

totally channeling my inner Cher for todays post!  i am a product of the 90's after all and will forever be totally obsessed with all things Clueless!!  platforms and micro minis were all the rave, and the LBD made its fashion debut!  something about the simplicity, is just so retro and chic at the same time.  
i love this dress for all its asymmetrical lines and mesh paneling.  the neckline and criss-cross "spaghetti" straps take me back to freshman year.  sticking with my 90's vibe, i paired it with these platform leopard wedges.  they're so Baby Spice, i cant even!!  i switched out my skinny chains for this thick chain link and wore my everyday bangle/ring sets.  my sunnies actually are from the 90's.  they were my hubs when he was in junior high.  i found them plundering through some old boxes and they were still in the case, not a scratch on them!!  talk about a total score!!
"oh yes, the past can hurt.  but, you can either run from it, or learn from it"

dress styleXchange // leopard wedge Steve Madden (old) similar here // "ajman" chain Moon and Lola // 
aviators Vintage Ray=Ban // knuckle ring styleXchange // midi rings Moon and Lola //