peaches and creme

 to romp or not to romp, that is the question!?!
typically speaking, I think i'm over the trend (although there was a time when I would buy every single romper that crossed my path) but on a rare occasion I find a style that makes me rethink my aversion.  the perfect shade of neon peach is what initially attracted  me to this romper and upon trying it on, I was happy to discover the flowy top gives it the illusion of separates. and I mean, who are we kidding? . . .  its so incredibly comfortable!!  you get the breeze of a dress with the comfort of a short!!  jump around and bend over as you please, this style has all your goodies covered ;) 
(this is an added bonus for a mommy, as i'm constantly finding myself in indecent positions when wrangling my rugrats).  of course I couldn't leave well enough alone, so I topped it off with my go to summer blazer, the white tuxedo jacket!  p.s. im wearing it again today, don't judge me!
as I said before, I really am on an all white kick, so I paired this with a white saddle bag and my white sandals.  yes, im still obsessed with these little ladies, and if you love them too, they are on sale again today on gojane!!  click my link below!
gold on gold on Lucite for my accessories.  I feel like Lucite gives you the hint of mixed metals.  it just pops off the gold and adds a little extra intrigue to my daily layers.
and how presh is the SC necklace?  granted, i hold 2 cities dear to my heart, but seeing as Charleston is my babes home, and my neck generally revolves around them, its sc for the win!
how do you feel about rompers??  are they chic or so passé??
 "if you always think what you always thought, you'll always get what you always got"
"kavya" romper Dolce Vita via styleXchange // tuxedo jacket H&M // tri-strap sandal GoJane // saddle bag H&M (old) similar here // "lucia" sunglasses SUPER via styleXchange //
SC necklace c/o Moon and Lola // "seia" and "viseu" midi ring c/o Moon and Lola