skinny jeans and busting seams

 I hope you ladies enjoyed a little taste of menswear yesterday!!  I apologize that your stuck with me for the rest of the week.  but fret not, Kurt will be back again on Monday!!!
today's look is all about finding the perfect fit for you!!
denim is such an important aspect of every girls wardrobe!  it is a staple!  and with the right style and fit it can take you from playdates to cocktails.  I myself am very much a skinnies kind of girl.  that's not to say I don't occasionally throw on a bootcut or a bell-bottom and you know I love a boyfriend, but my go-to will forever be the perfect fitting super skinny.
one thing ive learned is never dis em til you try em!  I used to swear by J Brand, and still do have quite a large collection, however, they no longer corner the market for well fitting classic denim.  most all of the designer labels now carry their version of the clean cut style and the fits and washes get better every season.  whether you choose Sevens or Hudson, DLs or AGs, find your perfect fit, I assure you, it is out there!
I like a mid rise with lots of stretch.  no one wants to see your plumber crack and muffin top, so if your not working with rock hard abs, I would definitely suggest going for a mid to high rise style.  rigid denim is great and I love it in a distressed wash, but this girl has bootie, so when looking for a tight fit, I chose stretch.  rigid tends to bag out on me and give me that "pooped your pants" look that the men go crazy for ;)
my motto has always been, "if it aint tight, it aint right!" 
so if your working what your momma gave you, go for the stretch!!  but remember, tight is right, foopa, is wrong!!  if your pants are busting at the seams and begging for release, go up a size.  you should be able to bend your knees and exhale without popping a button or blowing out the crotch (I have done this, and its super embarrassing!)
so go forth, try try and try again, until you find your fit!  then write that style down and buy buy buy again!!  and remember, sites like hautelook and gilt are always having great deals on designer denim, so if you've found your size and fit, you can always shop the sales to grow your collection!
this look took no effort,  I wanted to showcase my new skinnies, so I paired them with a pretty silk blouse, rolled a cuff and strapped on my metallic sandals.  classic, chic and easy peezy!! 
 "when it comes to dressing, comfort is overrated.  a little discomfort probably means your clothes fit and they're not pajamas."  - Tim Gunn
scarf print blouse J. Crew // jeans Adriano Goldschmied // heels GoJane // sunnies Carrera //
keychain wallet Saturday Kate Spade via Marshalls //
midi rings Moon and Lola // knuckle ring styleXchange // watch Michael Kors