no 1 cares

my greatest excuse of the week is work!!  I love to strap on some heels, step up my game, and enjoy a couple hours of child-free fashion fun!!!  again with the black and white, I know I know!  literally my entire wardrobe has been taken over by everything black, white, and striped!  I am typically drawn to color and as a general rule would never buy black or white items if it came in a color, but lately im just drawn to it.  its such the perfect base to layer on a jacket or a flashy heel and it always looks chic.  sometimes I feel too much color can look a bit young and lets be honest, im not a teenager anymore!  I still love some neon brights, don't you worry, but im in a neutral state at the moment.
this tee I find ironic because in my best fred armisen as joy behar voice "so what, who cares" is probably a statement I make at least once a day!  I find that as a society today we put far too much weight on others opinions!  its all about how many likes we get on instagram and how many followers we have on twitter . . . as if that solidifies you as a person!  I say be happy be you and if they don't like it, find people who do! 

"no one can make you feel inferior without your consent"
tee styleXchange // skirt TJMaxx // heels Charlotte Russe // envelope clutch Marshalls // vintage aviators RayBan