what's new wednesday

happy wednesday babes!!!  i'm kicking off a new series tonight on the blog all about; you guessed it; what's new?!!!  fun new items hit my doorstep on a regular basis and since my blog is mainly fashion focused, they don't always make it up.  i try my best to snap or ig story the things i'm loving, and what i use on a regular basis, but there's no real way to link those up for you, so here you have it!!  everything new on my desk, all in one place!!  some of it, i order for myself, some of it is gifts, some are for blog collaborations, meaning, a full review is on it's way.  scroll down for all the items, 1 by 1.  what i love, what i'm wearing, and what i'm eh, not so enthused with.  hope you guys enjoy!!!  and please let me know in the comments what you think!!

starting from top left to right, ankit sent me a great little package of all kinds of goodies, but these 3 were my absolute faves!!  this mug says "can you not" which is easily something i say to my kids at least like 10 times a day.  "mommy, look at this pretty picture i colored on the wall with your brand new lipstick"  ummmmm, really kid??  can you not??  and if that's not fun enough, its an extra large size that perfectly fits my venti almond triple latte!!  over to the right upper corner, is this adorable polka dot tray, which i mean, can you ever have too many trinket trays??  i think not.  and last up from ankit in the bottom middle, are these too cute headphones, that maybe aren't exactly practical for daily use, but they will definitely come in handy next time i wanna drown out the sound of my screaming kids while i veg out to netflix.  second up, top left, is this new t3 flatiron.  full disclosure, i have not had the chance to give it a try, but it's so freakin gorgeous, i'm kind of scared to scratch it up.  i have heard great things, and i promise a full review is coming to the blog soon, so stay posted on that one.  next up are these delicate dainty little necklaces from Samantha Faye that i have been layering on on the reg.  i think y'all know i love basically all the jewels, so these guys will be frequenting the blog.  my favorite are the handcuffs, because, kinky!!  and, i love this cuff and it says "dream it, wish it, do it" which is an awesome daily reminder!!  i swear by Kismet Cosmetics lipstick, so i am totally ecstatic she is expanding and came out with this new mascara!!   it's 100% all natural, which i love, and it definitely gives you some major volume, but i'm a brown mascara kinda gal, so i'm anxiously awaiting more colors!  all my black mascara gals, definitely worth trying!!!  ok guys, here comes my absolute favorite sunnies on the face of this earth, and my number 1 question on instagram.  Sunglass Spot, 5 buck sunglasses!!!!!!  how could you ever be mad about that??  if they get scratched or lost or broken, nbd!!  i usually order 5-10 pairs at a time, and because i wear them almost everyday, i went ahead and ordered another pair of these orange revo ray-ban lookalikes.  moving back over to that polka dish, this Bourbon and Boweties choker is EV-ERRRR-Y-Thang!!!!  but for real tho.  i have it in both black and cognac, and i highly recommend every chic snag this bad boy up like asap!!!  since i already had one, and a few of the bangles, i'm thinking we should just do a little B&B giveaway, right??  stay tuned for that!!  bottom left are 5 fresh bangles, that i mean, you know i'm gonna be wearing, and right middle, this stone necklace is a definite winner!!!  i'm probably a little bias, but, i'm kind of obsessed with everything they do.  ok, back down left is my new phone case from The Case Factory.  the color is on point (y'all know that mustard is where it's at right now!) and the quilted leather is super lux!  skipping down to this cute little coin purse from Vera Bradley, it is the perfect size for a couple bucks and my id and cc and maybe a stick of gum or 2.  i actually don't carry a real wallet and this is my third coin purse from VB because they totally do the trick for my needs.  ok, all the way back over to the right, the last few items are all about that mane.  first up are all these Knotties!!  i already posted these on instagram, but i wanted to elaborate a bit.  i'm pretty picky about my ponytail holders and usually i just use those tiny clear bands, but they don't actually hold when it comes actual activities.  i have been using these on my runs (walks mostly) and lincoln likes to wear them as bracelets which i think is adorable.  he says he can wear them because he has long hair like mommy.  this Back to Blonde spray is just what you'd think.  you spray it on, and you're back to blonde.  i'm that one weirdo who likes a little root realness, so this product is not for me.  also, my hair is too light so it doesn't really blend well.  lastly, ColorSmash hair shadow.  i was super excited to get these guys, but sadly, they really didn't work as i'd hoped.  i have had a box of pink dye sitting in my bathroom since February, and one day i will have the balls to use it, but for now, i was hoping this shadow would achieve my pink unicorn hair dreams, but it's basically blush and it didn't stay.  if you look at my post from yesterday, i used almost the entire compact and you can barely see any tint of pink.  major bummer :(  ahhh, ok, that seemed like a ton of information, but hopefully that answers some of your questions!!  and please feel free to ask me more if i didn't answer yours.  so, what do you think??  do we like this series??  should i make it a weekly post??  love hearing from you!!!  thanks for stopping by!!

1.  Ankit can you not mug c/o
2.  Ankit polka dot jewelry tray c/o
3.  Ankit floral headphones c/o
4.  t3 singlepass luxe flatiron c/o
5.  Samantha Faye handcuffs c/o
6.  Samantha Faye feather necklace c/o
7.  Samantha Faye lightning necklace c/o
8.  Samantha Faye xoxo necklace c/o
9.  Samantha Faye dream it cuff c/o
10.  Kismet Cosmetics mascarade mascara c/o
11.  Sunglass Spot black g15 67mm aviators
12.  Sunglass Spot retro chic aviators
13.  Sunglass Spot stone brow bar sunnies
14.  Sunglass Spot classic round orange revo frames
15.  Bourbon & Boweties kylie choker c/o
16.  Bourbon & Boweties bangle set c/o
17.  Bourbon & Boweties aidy necklace c/o
18.  The Case Factory quilted nappa 6s case c/o
19.  Vera Bradley coin purse c/o
20.  Knotties braided elastics c/o
21.  Ever Pro back to blonde color spray c/o
22.  ColorSmash hair shadow c/o